10 Reasons Schlitterbahn should be your next family vacation destination #BahnLove

When we began thinking about a family vacation destination for Spring break had a checklist in mind. We needed a place where there would be something for everyone and, of course, Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort came to mind. So, when they agreed to have us visit as their guests we were more than thrilled.

We discussed each of the Schlitterbahn locations and decided that the South Padre resort would be best since it is literally right on the beach and fit in with our family vacation destination checklist. After spending five days at the resort we have come up with our top TEN reasons Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort should be YOUR next family vacation destination.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Family Vacation Destination
Reason #1 – The accommodations –

I will admit that traveling with three kids and three adults is not always easy. Many hotels don’t offer rooms big enough or ask that we separate into two rooms. Thankfully, that was not the case with Schlitterbahn, as we were able to get a Double King Suite which was perfect for our big family!

Schlitterbahn family vacation destination

The room offered a full kitchen, living room with pull-out bed, a bedroom with two king-sized beds, as well as, a bunk bed alcove, and a washer/dryer.

Family Vacation Destination Schlitterbahn

Having a full kitchen meant that we were able to save money by cooking meals for the family and the washer and dryer were a lifesaver for all of our wet swim suits. It was so nice coming back to the room each night to relax on the couch while the kids had no issues sleeping in their bunk beds.

Reason #2 – Food & Bars –

I tell you, in the past I have never been too blown away by resort food, but Schlitterbahn has gone above and beyond. Offering a wide assortment of food at their Seaside Grill located right on the beach and next to the beachside pool. We loved ordering full lunch options, as well as, lighter snacking foods.

family vacation destination food

The kids loved eating poolside and I loved enjoying a drink or two while they played, non-stop.

Reason #3 – Saftey comes first at Schlitterbahn –

I don’t know about you, but I often worry about my kids when visiting large waterparks. I mean, all three know how to swim, but you never know when they will get themselves in a situation where they can’t. That being said, even with three adults, I often worry that one of the kids might be out of eyeshot. This is why I love going to Schlitterbahn. Their trained lifeguards are found all over the park while their ride attendants are always available to assist kids in need.

trained lifeguards family vacation destinationFor example, when Baby Miss, age five, slid down one of the waterslides her tube turned mid-way and she came out backwards. Now, she was in no danger, she didn’t flip upside down or anything, but before I could even react to her being backwards, the ride attendant was at her side, pushing her to me. This put my mind at ease knowing that I didn’t have to worry so much!

water slide attendants family vacation destination

Reason #4 – Beach Access –

When looking for a family vacation destination beach access was a must. Hubby LOVES the ocean and the kids love the sand. Schlitterbahn South Padre has easy beach access, far enough down the strip that we weren’t bothered at all by the college Spring breakers.

family vacation destination beach

Reason #5 – Seaside Pool –

As much as my family loves the beach, I am a pool girl, so the Seaside Pool was my favorite chill spot. Located right on the beach, this pool was the perfect end to a fun beach day. What I loved about it was that it was far enough away from the waterpark that it wasn’t ever too crowded and being next to the Seaside Grill, food and drinks were just steps away.

Family vacation destination Seaside Pool

Reason #6 – The WATERPARK-

Schlitterbahn is known for their outstanding waterpark and their South Padre location holds up to that. Though the outdoor waterpark was closed, the indoor waterpark kept us busy. The whole family spent hours going up and down the two opened waterslides then making our way to the Torrent River.

family vacation destination river

Pirates Cove was a ton of fun for the kids to run through, which gave us, adults, some time to relax a bit.

Pirates Cove Family Vacation Destination

Reason #7 – Inner tubes and life jackets – 

When packing for a vacation at any Schlitterbahn resort you never have to worry about packing inner tubes or life jackets because they have them there for everyone to use. Yes, you heard me; you don’t have to rent them or check them out… just walk over and pick them up. Nice, right?

Family vacation destination water park

Reason #8 – Heated Pool with Swim-Up Bar – 

Every evening before dinner and sometimes after, you could find us at the Palapa Heated Pool with Swim Up Bar. Oh my goodness, folks, I am not kidding when I say that this is one of the whole families favorite places in the resort. You see, after spending the day at the beach or waterpark it feels so nice to walk into the warm pool and enjoy a nice adult beverage (or kids virgin daiquiri!)

family vacation destination heated pool

Reason #9 – Coolers Welcome at Schlitterbahn – 

Short on cash or want to save for a nice dinner? Well, coolers are welcome at all Schlitterbahn locations so pack up and enjoy the full day, taking breaks to snack or have a light lunch!

Reason #10 – Indoor activities – 

When vacationing it is nice to do things without having to wear a swimsuit. HA! Thankfully, Schlitterbahn offered us an abundant amount of choices. From a nighttime showing of The Little Mermaid on a big screen with snacks to mid-day mermaid and pirate fun… as well as their Mega Blast interactive, multi-level game, and their Grand Carousel, there was literally something for everyone.

carousel family vacation destination

In the end, we had non-stop fun and the best part is that we got to do it all as a family! For more information about Schlitterbahn in Galveston Island, South Padre Island, New Braunfels, and Corpus Christi, Texas go to Schlitterbahn.com. (PS, they also have a location in Kansas City, Kansas!

Don’t forget, you can also stop in for the day, as all the Schlitterbahn Water Parks offer FREE Parking and allow coolers, so you can pack food and hang out all day!

What makes Schlitterbahn perfect for your next family vacation destination?

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*Disclosure – as I said above, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Schlitterbahn. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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  1. That looks like a great resort. I love how comfy the rooms look, and I LOVE that there’s always a lifeguard around. Safety first!

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