Just because you are a Mom doesn’t mean you can’t go back to school… #CUWinspire

Have you thought about continuing your education at Concordia University Wisconsin? Maybe you should???

I really can’t believe that all three of my kids are finally in school. A part of me is sad because I really miss them, but a part of me is happy to have this time to myself. All of that being said, when they started school I had all these thoughts and ideas in mind of all of this free time I would have to catch up on Netflix and Hulu. Then after a few months, I took a good look at myself and decided that I needed to do more for myself.  The first step was becoming a healthier me so I started eating better and began walking and running every day. At the same time, I started to wonder if it was time for me to continue my education, as well? The problem was that all this free time I thought I would have was really in my head, as I am officially busier than ever, trying to balance home life, blogging, grocery shopping, helping all three classes as a room mom, and you can’t forget all the housework I never seem to get to. So, with all of that in mind, I have been wondering if I actually have the time to continue my education and better myself?
Concordia University Wisconsin

Well, it seems that Concordia University Wisconsin might be the answer. You see, unlike traditional means of continuing my education Concordia University Wisconsin has adults with busy lives in mind. They understand that life is crazy and hectic and want to help us move forward, without sacrificing our day-to-day roles in life. They have actually tailor-made their offerings to help us keep life in balance. Sounds good, right?

Let me start by explaining a bit about Concordia University Wisconsin!

It is an online program that offers world-class support to get us busy adults to where we want to be in our educational journey. Yes, you heard me, online courses, that we can work into our own schedules. Yes, I see that light bulb coming on with the realization that this could actually work with YOUR hectic life, too. With Student Support Advisers to help, we can choose from free MOOCs or email courses, to low price Academies where you can earn digital badges, to full degrees ranging from bachelor’s to doctorate.

Worried they won’t offer what you have in mind? Well, with over fifty different online degree programs, as well as certificate and individual course options, those worries should be left behind. On top of that, the instructors all hold a minimum of a Master’s degree in what they teach and actually work in that same area, so they have hands-on knowledge that can totally help along the way.
Concordia University Wisconsin made for busy lives

To me, the best part is being able to go at my own pace around my own schedule. I can see it now, drop kids off, run a mile, shower, get some blogging work and online classwork out of the way and then go pick up the kids! It just may work for me, will it work for you? What are you waiting for? What is stopping you? Don’t let your family or life get in the way any longer, go now to take the first step in bettering yourself and learn more about Concordia University Wisconsin by CLICKING HERE!

Have you ever thought about online courses like those offered at Concordia University Wisconsin?

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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Concordia University and Markerly. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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