How to keep your dog safe from Tapeworms, fleas, & other parasites #SentinelSpectrum

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We adopted Precious from a shelter about four years ago. She was everything we wanted in a dog, playful, fun, energetic, and so full of personality. Not only that, but she was and still is a gorgeous dog. Anyways, a few weeks after we got her, I noticed a change in her personality. She was not as playful, kept scratching herself, and just seemed sluggish. I called the vet and scheduled an appointment for the following day and then that afternoon, I noticed small little white things on her dog bed. The next day the vet confirmed that she indeed had Tapeworms. UGH, how gross!!! Since then, I have done my part to educate myself on how to keep Precious parasite -free and it turns out, one of the places to start is by keeping her flea-free.

free of fleas, Tapeworms, hookwormsOkay, let’s discuss fleas for a moment, did you know that when you see one flea, it may already be too late as there could be hundreds more waiting to hatch. Fleas on a dog are only the tip of the iceberg. Only 5% of fleas are adults, the other 95% are eggs and immature fleas living in the environment. Makes your head, spin, right?

While fleas can be spread by close contact, intestinal parasites are transmitted from a contaminated environment, not just by being around feces and other animals. Now,  I know you may be scratching your head with all of this information, but don’t worry, keeping your dog safe from all six of the most common parasites and fleas is as easy as giving her once monthly Virbac® Sentinel® Spectrum® Beef Flavored chew.Sentinel Spectrum to help keep dogs free of tapeworms and other parasites

You see, we have partnered with Sentinel Spectrum for the next three months to help teach you about the 6 most common parasites in dogs and how you can protect them from those parasites. To begin our journey with Sentinel Spectrum we had to get Precious to the vet to get a clean bill of health, which included a negative heartworm test. At that time, her vet prescribed her a six-month supply of  Virbac® Sentinel® Spectrum® Beef Flavored chews.

tapeworms preventionVirbac® Sentinel® Spectrum® Beef Flavored chews work to help keep dogs protected from Heartworms, Fleas, Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Whipworms. The best part is that the chew is made to be bacon flavored with real beef flavoring and McCormik spices making it something that dogs will want to chew up.

Be sure to follow along the next couple of months to learn more about parasites and how Virbac® Sentinel® Spectrum® Beef Flavored chews can help. Keep in mind that it is available by prescription only, in 4 different sizes, and can be used safely for dogs six weeks of age or older.  Learn more by going to the Sentinal Website or CLICK HERE to learn more about parasites.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab YOUR rebate HERE!

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  1. Sentinel Spectrum sounds like a great product to protect our furry babies! I haven’t had any experiences with parasites other than pesky fleas so far. I prefer to keep it that way so I’ll have to ask our vet about this!

  2. My vet loves Sentinel. She recommends it to us and the other clients all the time.

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