It’s a tomato taste test – the RESULTS are in

I am not sure if you heard the great news but earlier this year I was asked to become an official Red Gold Tomatoes Ambassador. Since I had been cooking with Red Gold Tomatoes for years, it was really a no-brainer to me. To get me started as a Red Gold Tomatoes Ambassador, Red Gold wanted me to really test the difference between their canned tomatoes and Hunt’s. So, they sent me a package to do a tomato taste test.

Tomatoes Taste Test Red Gold
They sent along a check list, as well as, different things I could do to see the difference in the tomatoes first hand. And to me, it all started with the opening of the cans.

Tomatoes taste test which is which

Can you tell which can is which in the above photo? Well, the photo on the right, you know… the ones with FULL tomatoes poking through? Well, that one is the can of Red Gold Whole Peeled Tomatoes. Follow along below on this visual tomato taste test and at the end, feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Things to keep in mind – Red Gold Tomatoes will always be on the left and Hunt’s will be on the right!

Step 1 – dump both cans into tray and take a photo – 

Tomatoes Taste Test Red Gold vs Hunts

My thoughts – The Red Gold Tomatoes are all whole and firm, whereas, Hunt’s came out with many mushed tomatoes.

Step 2 – Pick up a tomato and stick a fork through it… what is the texture? How firm is it?

I started with a Red Gold Tomato and was able to pick up a tomato without any issues getting it onto the fork. The fork slid right in and did not make it out the other side…

Tomato Taste Test Fork in it

Tomato taste test fork in it Hunts


The Hunt’s tomato was a different story. The tomato was very soft and squishy so it was not so easy to pick up with a fork. Once I did get the fork into it, the fork slid right through and out the other side.

Step 3 – Slice the tomato with a plastic knife…

tomato taste test cut in halfAfter looking at the above photo do I need to say anything? Ha!!

Step 4 – Put a fork in it –

The Red Gold Tomato sliced easily and kept its shape.

Red Gold

Red Gold

The Hunt’s Tomato fell apart 🙁

Tomato Taste Test cut in half fork Hunts


Step 5 & 6- Check juice and complete a taste test –

The juice from both cans came out pretty thick, though the Hunt’s was filled with seeds and some tomato skin. Since the Red Gold Tomatoes stayed whole, there were fewer seeds and hardly any skin in the sauce. sauce Tomato Taste Test

The taste test was my favorite step as I love tomatoes. I can honestly say that the Red Gold Tomato tasted like I just got it off the vine… It was full of flavor and felt firm in my mouth. The Hunt’s tomato was very squishy and almost tasted metallic… like I could tell it came out of the can.

Step 7 – Use a strainer and dump the juice around the tomatoes… take a look at what is left… what do you think? 

Tomato taste test red gold vs hunts which would you choose

Okay, so after I completed the tomato taste test, checking firmness, color, taste, and everything else, I was asked to rate each step 1-5, 5 being a top score and 1 being the bottom. I added them up and I bet you can guess who won? Yup – Red Gold won the  tomato taste test 35-19! Wow! Did you know they would win? Have you tried Red Gold Tomatoes??? Tomato taste test choice is yours

Did I happen to tell you that Red Gold Tomatoes are NONGMO, 100% natural, use a non-BPA liner in their cans, are made here in the US, are vegan with no MSG and no artificial colors, flavors or anything else? Learn more about Red Gold Tomatoes by going to!

tomato taste test sight texture taste
Have you completed a tomato taste test yet? Now you don’t have to 🙂 Comment below with your thoughts…

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