How being a part of the Jacky Ha-Ha #HahaBookClub has made my daughter and I closer

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The other day I asked Little Miss to pick up her stuff from the living room. She had been coloring all afternoon and had left quite the mess. She came out of her room, shoulders slumped, a frown on her face, complaining that I am always picking on HER to clean up and not her brother and sister. She then looked at me and said, “you don’t know what it’s like being the middle child!” Yup… my little seven-year-old has such a hard life, right? Well, after she finished cleaning I pulled her onto my lap and we cuddled up in my comfy chair and cracked opened the new Jacky Ha-Ha book from James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.

Jacky Ha-Ha Reading together

Now, I have many fond memories of snuggling up with a good book with my Mama, but in all honesty, I have let life get in the way and had yet to do something so special with my own Little Miss. So, when I say that the smile on her face was huge, I am not kidding. Oh, and did I mention that Little Miss is almost as big of a bookworm as I am? Ha! Anyways, we opened the book to the prologue to read that this book was written from a parent to her two daughters. This drew Little Miss in, as she felt like the book was made for HER!

A little background on the book before I tell you our thoughts!

This book is written in first person narrative and opens up with Jacky, an adult on her way to the Academy Awards, telling us that she has written this very HONEST and opened story about her childhood to show her girls that at one time she was a crazy, spazzy, kid just trying to make a voice for herself in a world where she actually felt very left out.

You see, Jacky is one of the middle children in a home full of seven daughters, with a Dad who works full time and a Mom who is deployed, serving her country. Jacky, trying to find her place in the world struggles with a slight stutter has turned to becoming the class clown, the one who cracks jokes and does what she can to make people laugh.Reading Jacky Ha-Ha

Here are our thoughts on the book Jacky Ha-Ha  –

Little Miss’ thoughts – Little Miss said that she likes the book because the person writing it is talking to HER and only her. She said that it is silly and fun and so much of it reminds her of how she is the middle child in our home and sometimes feels like she herself doesn’t get that one-on-one time. She loves Jacky’s sense of humor, jokes, and best of all, all the doodles throughout the book that help her visualize what is going on.

My thoughts – I, too, love how the book is talking to us. The first person narrative helps us feel what Jacky is feeling and brings us into her world. The book is very easy-to-follow and written at a fast enough pace to keep us enthralled throughout. Jacky’s sense of humor is a way for her to deal with a bit of her abandonment issues of having a deployed mom and a full-time working dad and makes Jacky very honest and likable.

Why we love reading Jacky Ha-Ha together –Jacky Ha-Ha

Little Miss’ thoughts – Little Miss said that she loves reading the book with me because it is a time we wouldn’t normally have together. She gets to be with me and only me and no one else. She likes when we take turns reading and discuss little things in the book that relate to our lives.

My thoughts – Taking time every day to read with Little Miss has reminded me how important it is to put the phone and computer down to spend with the kids. Little Miss is the middle child and though I hadn’t seen it before, I now see that those moments when she is acting silly at the dinner table or making a funny face while I am talking isn’t so much to get in trouble, but instead is a scream for attention. Jacky Ha-Ha reminded me that and I couldn’t be more thankful.

My final thoughts on Jacky Ha-Ha  –

Though this is not a book that Little Miss could read on her own, yet, it is a book that is perfect for reading together and between you and me, I could totally see her grabbing it, again and again, to read throughout her childhood.

Watch this short video to hear our thoughts on Jacky Ha-Ha  for yourself –

Have you picked up your copy of Jacky Ha-Ha yet?

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