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Do you ever put on an outfit, look in the mirror and just smile because you feel great? Well, that is how I feel when I put on the outfit sent to me by prAna to help me get ready for Spring. prAna Clothing
Yes, Spring is in the air and it is time to update our wardrobe and prAna can help. You see, prAnan offers a wide assortment of versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing that fits just about any personality. I loved everything on their site, but chose a pair of Kara Jeans in silver because I loved the look of them, as well as, a Kamilia Top in coal. When they arrived I couldn’t wait to check them out, so I ripped opened the box and tried them on right then and there. prAna clothing that makes you feel great

Now, I can tell you that I was a bit nervous about ordering clothing online. I mean, I am a curvy woman and one outfit might fit perfectly while another, not so much. Anyways, thanks to a great size chart from prAna, I chose the right sizes and everything fit perfectly. Each of the items are really soft and very comfortable with some stretch to them. I love that I can put my prAna outfit on in the morning and confidently wear all day long into the evening.

prAna clothes that feel goodThe Kara Jeans have to be my favorite as they are super-comfortable and I can roll the bottoms up to make them more of a Capri style or keep them longer. I love that prAna bases their designs on their employees’ own experiences, using their knowledge to make clothes that look good and play hard. prAna loves to combine classic & urban style with sustainable materials, and they are always mindful of where and how their creations are made.Ready for Spring prAna

In the end, I love my prAna-style and feel confident and comfortable and just feel great! Get your prAna style at

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