Why kids love the Osprey Sea Life Cruise… and you will too..

What if I told you there was a way your kids could learn about sea life firsthand? I mean, like being able to see different sorts of sea life in front of their eyes and be able to touch each of them? Well, that is what the Sea Life Cruise from Osprey Cruises does; it brings life from under the water to your children.

Kids love Sea Life CruiseAs I am sure you heard if you follow my Instagram page, that we were blessed to have been a guest of Osprey Cruises for their Sea Life Cruise in South Padre. It started on Pier 19 where we climbed aboard the Osprey and were greeted by the most friendly crew ever. They laughed, told corny jokes, and even danced.

why kids love sea life cruise

We all made our way to sit around the ship while we waited for the crew to take us out past the docks. At that time,  we were informed that the crew would be dragging a net behind the boat to catch sea life and bring it on board. Cool, hug?

Sea Life Cruise Dolphin look outWhile we all watched out for dolphins, the crew told us stories and the history of the surrounding area, which was a lot of fun to learn. About 30 minutes into the trip they brought up the net and they put all the sea life they found into buckets of sea water to keep them safe while we learned about them.

Sea Life Cruise real ocean life

My kids stood right next to the crew members while Hubby and I stayed up top and because of the microphone they used, we were able to hear everything while the kids got first looks on everything.

Kids love Sea Life Cruise learn about Starfish

As they spoke about the different sea creatures, the crew allowed the kids to touch and hold each of them.

why kids love Osprey Sea Life Cruise

Folks, I am not kidding when I say that it was a hands-on experience for all. We all got a ton of time with starfish, crawfish, and other sea life and none of it was rushed. The crew was patient with the kids, had a ton of knowledge, and made the whole experience fun.

Sea Life Cruise for kids

So, if you are looking for some hands-on fun while traveling to South Padre Island, I would highly suggest taking your family aboard the Osprey Cruises Sea Life Cruise! Learn more about this cruise and others by going to OspreyCruises.com

Have you ever been on a Sea Life Cruise?

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I’ve live in Florida all my life, so I love sea life. My daughter is all grown up, but I think we’d both still enjoy this.

  2. Looks like a great ride! I love going on tours where the staff are playful and positive!

  3. How fun. I know a playful crew is great for the kids, but I would actually enjoy seeing the sea life up close like that. I’d LOVE to see dolphins, too.

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