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A personalized teacher’s gift from the heart

We have been so very blessed to have had the same teacher for Little Man for the past two years. This teacher has always gone above and beyond for all of the students and has always been available to discuss Little Man with me. Through the past two years, I have worked with her on class parties, field trips, and assignments and have come to think of her as more than just a teacher, but as a friend. So, when I heard that this would be her last … [Read more...]

Why we are excited about Roto-Rooter

To say that we have a busy household is a total understatement. We have eight people in this house, coming and going, all using our three bathrooms. We have one for the inlaws, one for the girls, and then one for Little Man, my brother, Hubby, and I to share. Ha! Between you and I, it almost feels like there is a revolving door and that someone is always in one of the bathrooms. That being said, I am proud to announce that I have signed on to be … [Read more...]

Key basics to teaching your child to ride a bike & a $400 Family Fun ride prize pack…#SchwinnSmartStart

*Disclosure -Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.” More FTC regulations information below. Today's kids are much different from the past. With TV, video games, and tablets in every room, it is important that as parents we remember the importance of turning off electronics and having children play outside. Playing outside not only gets kids the fresh air they need, it helps them unwind and actually use something some have … [Read more...]

5 Reasons we love the ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless DLP Smart Projector

As you know, movie night is something that we love around here. I mean, it is the one night a week where we all put our electronics down, cuddle up and watch a family movie. So, when Best Buy offered up the new ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless DLP Smart Projector I was all over it. I mean, who wouldn't want to take movie night to a whole new level.  When our ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless DLP Smart Projector arrived I have to say we were excited. We used it that very … [Read more...]

Turn your kid’s drawn art into an Art Print with Minted

*Disclosure - this is a sponsored post on behalf of Minted. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own!    This past Mother's Day we gave my MIL the most awesome gift ever. I mean, it was epic. You see, our Little Miss is an artist. Yes, she may only be seven, but she loves art. You can find her at any time during the day drawing, coloring, and creating some piece of art. She loves watching those … [Read more...]

Easy Summer Caprese Salad Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect dish for that Summer picnic? Well, my easy Summer Caprese Salad might just be what you are looking for! The other night Hubby and I were discussing how crazy life has gotten. As you all know, my brother moved in with us last year to attend college here in San Antonio so we officially have a house full of eight people and a dog. Add on school, work, soccer, swim, and cheerleading and life can get ahead of us. Now, … [Read more...]

Teaching kids to swim with SafeSplash Swim School #iamsafesplash

Do your kids love playing in the pool? Are the comfortable putting their head under water, blowing bubbles, swimming actual strokes? Whether you answered yes or no to those questions, now is the time to think about SafeSplash Swim School... You see, my kids all received a free month of SafeSplash Swim School to try out and it was quite the experience. Let me give you some background on how important swimming is to my family. You see, I am a … [Read more...]

6 Myths about protecting your dog from intestinal parasites #SentinelSpectrum

*Disclosure - This post is sponsored by Virbac® Sentinel® Spectrum® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help create awareness about protection against common parasites found in dogs but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. More information about Sentinel Spectrum. Virbac is not responsible for the content of this article.   I admit that I grew up a cat person, I mean, my Mama was … [Read more...]

5 Ways to build a strong relationship with your dog #NudgeThemBack

Disclosure - This post is sponsored by Nudges® Dog Treats and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help create awareness about Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats available at Walmart® but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nudges® Dog Treats is not responsible for the content of this article.   In order for a dog to be a happy and healthy life, they need a food, love, understanding, and a … [Read more...]

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