Now is the time for custom crêpes at La Madeleine Country French Café

Why you don’t need to book a flight to get your fill custom crêpes!

I am all for Parisian cuisine… You see, I was raised in a family that traveled a lot and since my Step-Mom’s family was located in Belguim we went often. While there, we often drive into Brussels and Paris where we enjoyed fresh croissants and custom crêpes. Now that I am an adult with such a huge family, jet-setting is no longer in my budget, so I have to do what I can to get my Parisian fill… and La Madeleine Country French Café is a huge help. custom crêpes at La Madeleine

Just the other day, my brother and I took Little Man to La Madeleine Country French Café to check out the new item to its breakfast menu – custom crêpes. These open-faced, handmade crepes are made to order with fresh ingredients such as scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh chopped spinach, diced tomatoes, cheddar and more.custom crêpes at La Madeleine country french cafe
As we walked in, we were greeted with the smell of baked breads and other French delicacies and we couldn’t wait to order. Since you can’t go to  La Madeleine without ordering a quiche, we ordered one, as well as, one of the made-to-order custom crêpes. It took us a bit to decided on what we wanted in it, but finally chose chicken, swiss, and spinach… sounds good right? custom crêpes and quiche

We sat down and before we knew it our food arived. The Quiche Lorraine arrived first and smelled delicious… The hot quiche, filled with ham, bacon, and swiss was flaky and buttery and reminded me of sitting at a cafe in Paris!
custom crêpes with spinach chicken

The custom crêpe was to-die-for… The house-made herb crêpe was buttery and melted in my mouth, meanwhile the eggs, chicken, and spinach were the perfect addition.

custom crêpes chicken

I love that the new crêpes are served all day, so I can go back anytime… oh, and of course, I couldn’t leave without filling up on pastries to bring back to the family.
custom crêpes and bakery
So, next time you are in the mood for some custom crêpes, you don’t have to book a flight, instead, visit your local La Madeleine Country French Café!
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Have you ever had custom crêpes?

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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of La Madeleine… This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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