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Do your kids love playing in the pool? Are the comfortable putting their head under water, blowing bubbles, swimming actual strokes? Whether you answered yes or no to those questions, now is the time to think about SafeSplash Swim School… You see, my kids all received a free month of SafeSplash Swim School to try out and it was quite the experience.

Let me give you some background on how important swimming is to my family. You see, I am a swimmer, I was on the swim team from age five up and swam through high school into college. My kids have all been in swim lessons since they were three.  Little Man is an exceptional swimmer, yet still needs help perfecting his stroke. Meanwhile, Little Miss knows freestyle and backstroke but not well and Baby Miss is still in the beginning stages of freestyle and side breath.Swim School Safe Splash

This all being said, since I am a swimmer myself I tend to expect a lot from anyone teaching my kids and am particular on classes that I sign them up for. Here are my thoughts about SafeSplash Swim School –

My positive thoughts –

  • Individual attention – This was awesome, as it worked out that I was able to get Little Man in a class by himself and Little Miss & Baby Miss in a class together. There were not any other kids in their classes, so they got a lot of one-on-one attention. After talking to the coaches I found out that most classes have between two-five students, which seems like a great number to me. Importance of swim school swim lessons
  • Class Flexibility – When I called to schedule the classes it turned out that there was not any availability for Little Man and his schedule. Thankfully SafeSplash Swim School was able to put in a call and add a class just for him.
  • 30-minute classes – Thirty-minute classes were perfect for my kids.  They were not too long to lose their attention, nor too short to lose out on any instruction time. Swim School Swim Lessons
  • Class levels for different levels of students – This was huge for me because like I said, Little Man is already a very good swimmer but still needs help. So, it was nice having one swim school for all three of my kids.
  • Ability to work on what is needed – Since the curriculum did not seem to be set in stone each week, the classes were more specified for my kids. Meaning, the coach asked Little Man what he wanted to work on and they followed in that direction. This was nice because it kept Little Man involved and still helped him grow as a swimmer.
  • Communication with SafeSplash – The SafeSplash office was awesome at communicating with me. They always answered my calls and they even called me mid-way to see how the classes were going.

Swim School Swim Lessons Stroke & turn

My not-so-positive thoughts –

  • The coaches – This one is tough because it kind of falls in both positive and not so positive. You see, the coach that Little Man started with was not someone I would have wanted him with. Nothing personal about this coach, but he did not seem as advanced of a coach as I would have liked him to be with and I felt he took a lot of time just having Little Man swim laps versus working on any strokes. He referred to freestyle as front crawl and backstroke as back crawl which at Little Mans level did not seem appropriate. Now, that being said, two weeks into our lessons, another coach took over who Hubby was VERY impressed with. She was VERY knowledgeable and really worked with Little Man to perfect his strokes, so she kind of made up for the previous coach.
  • The curriculum – I was told that there is a curriculum in place for each swim level, but I did not see one.   It seemed to me that the classes were more laid back and though that may be nice for some, I, personally like a more structured class for my kids.
  • Communication with coaches – I may have been spoiled by previous coaches who took time after each class to go over the pros and cons of the class and would make recommendations on what my kids could work on before the next lesson. The SafeSplash instructors did not do that and even when I asked about my kids after the class was over, they did not go into any details or have any advice for us. I did see on the SafeSplash website that they do offer Splash-N-Tell®  where parents can come to the pool to see what the kids have been working on, but that was not offered to us, so I can’t speak about it.  

All of this being said it comes down to teaching your kids to be safe in the water and I believe that SafeSplash Swim School can help. Their smaller class sizes make SafeSplash Swim School the choice for younger kids and their opened schedules make it easy to fit lessons into your daily lives. SafeSplash is available at 86 locations across the US, so they just may be available at a pool near you! Learn more by going to SafeSplash.com.

Have you ever thought about enrolling your kids in a swim school?

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 *Disclosure – as I stated above, we were given one month of lessons in return for this post 🙂 This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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  1. This sounds like a great swim school. I think it’s so important to teach children to swim. It’s a huge safety issue if nothing else.

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