Why the Escape the Room game makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to shop for in this house. Both Hubby and my Father-in-law have everything they need and could want so I am always trying to come up with outside the box gift ideas. So, when I saw that ThinkFun just came out with a new game called Escape the Room I knew that it would make the best Father’s Day gift ever. Escape the room for Fathers Day

You see… both Hubby and my Father-in-law are both very intelligent people who like games that make them think. We had actually gone to a real escape room last year and had a blast, so I was sure the Escape the Room game would be perfect.

The game arrived and though I wanted to save it as a surprise, I decided that I would give it to them one night when my nephew and brother-in-law were over for dinner. I figured if we are going to make it a true Escape the Room night, it would be best to have more players. We opened the box and began our adventure. Can you escape the room

The way the game works is that it comes with a scene card, that pretty much sets the scene of the game, as well as 5 sealed envelopes and a solution wheel. Once you read and set the theme you work through solving puzzles and unlocking clues to open each envelope.
Fathers Day escape the room game
Once you make read the clue and go to work to solve the puzzle you can use the solution wheel to see if you are correct. If you align all the correct symbols and the symbol you are looking for comes through the solution circle, you are set to open that envelope.
escape the room solution wheel
Our thoughts:
Let me say that getting my Father-in-law to come out and play a board game with the family is not always easy. He tends to get bored easily and just doesn’t enjoy himself… but the moment we opened the Escape the Room game he was all in. He was reading clues, helping figure them out, and taking notes. It was such a wonderful thing to see.
Along with my Father-in-law, we played with Hubby, my 27-year-old nephew, my brother-in-law and even my nine-year-old Little Man, who all had a great time playing .  It was so much fun watching each of the family members work through clues and as each of the puzzles works different parts of the brain, each of us had a moment to shine. escape the room game with family
Game Play Time:
This is a timed game which if I remember correctly we had 1 1/2 hours to play and had no issues finishing it in that time. If you have fewer players, you get more time. 
Escape the room game fun
I should say con – the only con of this game is that it can only be played once, so once you are done, unless you have a new group, it is pretty useless. Though, I have heard that ThinkFun is coming up with more versions very soon!
Another amazing option to get logic and fun going for Father’s Day or any other event is ThinkFun’s Circuit Maze! The goal to this game is to arrange the tokens to create a real circuit that lights up the different colored Beacons. Press play below to see the game in action:

In the end, no matter which you choose, ThinkFun has just what you need to make Father’s Day Amazing! Learn more by going to ThinkFun.com

Have you ever played an Escape the Room type game?

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