5 Ways to keep dogs safe & happy all Summer long

Five ways you can keep dogs safe and happy all Summer long!

As Summer is upon us it is very important that we go out of our way to keep dogs safe and happy. You see, Summer can be dangerous, especially if you live in a hot climate like we do. Most days stay above 90 degrees here in Texas and we have to be sure we work hard to keep our Precious safe and hydrated. I hope these five tips help you!

Keep dogs safe1. Always have water handy – During the Summer months you need to be sure to always keep the water bowl filled and if possible, even fill up an extra one outside if your dog likes to hang out back there. I actually fill our outside bowl up with ice in the morning and early evening.

If you don’t have an outdoor water bowl think about other ways to keep your dog hydrated. The Chuckit! Hydro toys offer an engaging and fun option to maintain hydration even at play. Keep dogs safe Chuck It Water ToysThe fetch, tug, flyer and roller are designed to hold and release water for a new play dynamic that helps keep dogs cool in spring and summer weather.Keep dogs Safe water toys  With high-visibility on water or land, you can assure your dog will be visibly happy and hydrated when playing outside.

Keep dogs safe and hydratedBe sure to keep an eye on your dog and if you notice that she is panting excessively, stop and let them cool down.

2. As it gets warmer, only exercise in the morning or evening – It is generally cooler in the mornings and evenings so it is best to exercise and train your dog during those times. Try to avoid peak day when it can be hottest. Keep in mind that keeping your dogs safe is a priority, so stay in well-lit areas or think about getting Petmate’s Glow in the Dark collars and leashes. They are perfect for evening walks as they offer high-visibility for you and your dog.Keep Dogs Safe with Petmate

3. Avoid asphalt –
Remember that when playing or walking your dogs to avoid asphalt as it can burn your dog’s tender paws.
Keep dogs safe with water toys
4. Offer shade – always have a shaded area for your dog. Whether it be a nice tree, awning, or dog house a shaded area is a must.
5. Move playtime inside  – If you’re looking to ease into exercising your pet, the new JW Cuz line of toys are a great option to get your dog moving, without tiring them out too soon.  The JW® Helmet Heads come with a tennis ball and durable rubber encasement, creating a fun multi-use toy great for fetch or chew.  The Rubber adds durability and creates erratic bounce for a fun new way to play!
In the end, it is very important to always do what you can to keep dogs safe and happy all Summer long!
PS – Please don’t forget to never leave dogs outside without water and shade for long periods of time… also, NEVER leave them in a car unattended in the heat. 

What tips do you have to keep dogs safe this Summer?

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*Disclosure – this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of Petmate Products… This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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