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Are you interested in our secret giveaways? Do you wonder why you don’t know what is going on, on Adventures of 8? Well, let me tell you… if you follow only via FB then you are not seeing my posts since FB keeps changing their algorithms… Follow via Twitter only, well, then we probably get lost in your twitter feed. The ONLY way to really stay up-to-date on our daily reviews, info, and giveaways is by signing up for our once-daily email. {I promise, I won’t spam you} Instead you will get a daily email with everything you want to know… Not only that, but my email subscribers are given the chance to enter secret giveaways, for subscribers only. Want to be a part of that secret giveaways group??? Well, it is easy… just sign up for my once-daily email by adding your email below:

One of my first secret giveaways will begin mid-July, so don’t wait 🙂

What do you think I should giveaway in my secret giveaways? Comment below

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