5 Ways cats better our lives and how we can help other cats in need #CatChowCares

*Disclosure – I acknowledge that Purina Cat Chow is partnering with me  to participate in its ‘Nutrition to Build Better Lives’ program to help cats in need. As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services for the purpose of promoting Purina Cat Chow. This does not change the fact that all opinions and experiences are honest and my own. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


Did you know that each year, approximately 3.4 million United States cats are taken in by animal shelters and only half of those cats are adopted? How sad is that? I, personally, grew up a cat person as my Mama always believed that cats kept her sane. You see, as a single Mom she had many stresses in life and there were many times I would see her just about lose it until one of our cats jumped on her lap to calm her down. Now that I have a family of my own I know how much our cat, Binx, does to make our lives better so I find it only fitting that I do my part to help other cats in need.

Cats make life better

Here are five ways cats better our lives –

  1. The magic of your cats purr – Have you ever been in a really bad mood or really upset about something and all of a sudden your cat appears and begins purring and that mood subsides? Well, just the other day, my girls were fighting non-stop. I mean, getting on each others very nerve. I had them sit on the couch together to discuss their issues and bam, Binx showed up and within moments was purring up a storm. Meanwhile, the girls went from yelling and screaming at each other to loving on Binx together.A cats purr
  2. Laughter – Laughter is the best medicine, right? Well, Binx does everything he can to crack me up. My favorite times are looking through photos on my phone to find that Binx has photobombed one photo after another. That cat just cracks me up. Cats are notorious for their personalities and in my experience, even the shyest cats still make people laugh, just search cat videos online 🙂Cats photobomb
  3. Attention grabbers– I love how no matter what you do when a cat wants attention he will get it. Ha! Our Binx is the king of acting like you don’t exist until he wants attention and then you can’t walk without tripping over him.cats are attention hogs
  4. Cat Cuddles – I am sorry, but I have to say that cat-cuddles are the best. I mean, they some how just fit in anyone’s arms and just make life nice.Cat Cuddles
  5. Playfulness – Are you stressed? Well, I know there are many times that I get writers block or am just stressed with life and those are the moments that I stop what I am doing, grab a cat toy and go find Binx. You see, watching Binx go crazy for his mice and toys takes my mind off of whatever I am going through and helps me clear my head. The playfulness of cats is a great stress-reliever and really does help.

In the end, a cat’s love is sweet, kind, and can make you feel amazing. So, why not feed them Purina Cat Chow? I know my Binx loves it because he scarfs it down and I love that I am supporting a brand that helps animal shelters across the country and that has donated more than $845,000 in food, supplies and renovations to advance the rescue, nutrition, and adoption of cats in shelters!

Help cats in need with Purina Cat Chow

Want to know how YOU can help cats in need, through the month of July?


I am super-excited to share the Purina Cat Chow “Nutrition to Build Better Lives” program with you. Now through the month of July, for every bag of Purina Cat Chow purchased, Purina Cat Chow will donate one meal, up to five million meals, directly to Rescue Bank. {Which is a non-profit organization that operates on a national food bank model to collect and distribute high-quality pet food and other supplies to a network of pre-qualified animal welfare organizations throughout the United States.}

Help cats in need

Can you believe it, helping cats in need is as easy as purchasing a bag of Purina Cat Chow? So, I am calling out to cat people everywhere so that we can all do our part to help cats in need, NOW! So, the next time you are out, be sure to pick up any size bag of Purina Cat Chow to feed your cat and at the same time, help other cats in need. So what are you waiting for? Learn more at CatChow.com.

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  1. We love our cat. She cuddles with us and it’s such a joy when she just purrs away while we cuddle and pet her. She is the sweetest little kitty!

  2. I love this post! Cats and pets in general make life so much better on a daily basis. I love that Purina is helping to make the lives of other cats who need it better.

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