Not your Mama’s backyard sprinkler…

Do you remember running out into the backyard on a hot Summer day and turning on that basic backyard sprinkler that every family on the block owned? Boy, do I remember those good times.

Well, now my kids have the same memories but with a whole new type of backyard sprinkler thanks to the Hydro TWIST Pipeline Sprinkler and the Hydro SWIRL Spinning Sprinkler from Prime Time Toys.


The Hydro TWIST Pipeline Sprinkler (Ages 4+, MSRP $11.99), which is now available at Target is a supersized sprinkler that
stretches out the splashing fun for a yard full of play! The 8-foot pipeline stretches across the ground shooting water in many different
directions. The Hydro Twist features two fountains blasting more water into the sky and six tidal storm wiggle tubes. Gather all the kids
in the neighborhood for this outdoor excitement.

Backyard Sprinkler Hydro TWIST Pipeline Sprinkler

I will say that the bigger fountains worked perfectly, but the smaller tidal storm wiggle tubes, though super-cool, didn’t always work. For some reason, after the second use, they just stopped wiggling. We tried turning up the hose bib, quite a lot, and yet a couple of them still did not work. But, that being said, the kids still love playing with the backyard sprinkler, every chance they get.

Backyard Sprinkler
The Hydro SWIRL Spinning Sprinkler (Ages 4+, MSRP $12.99), also available at Target is a new twist on the classic backyard sprinkler.  The Hydro Swirl features a hydro-powered spinning dome on top, with six tidal storm wiggle tubes on the edge.

Hydro SWIRL Spinning Backyard Sprinkler fun

The cool thing about this one is that it shoots up a whole bunch of water in one area, so the kids all laugh and splash together while the tubes wiggle and splash in all directions for an amusing splash and a cool spray on a hot summer day!Hydro SWIRL Spinning Backyard Sprinkler

In the end, both of these backyard sprinklers bring a whole new level of fun for kids this Summer.

How would your kids love these fun backyard sprinklers from Prime Time Toys?

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  1. That looks like so much fun. We sometimes put out the sprinkler in the yard for the kids and their friends. This is much nicer than throwing out an actual sprinkler.

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