DIY Plumbing – Things You can do Yourself to Save Money

DIY plumbing is a great way to help save a little money on household maintenance and repairs. Wait! Tackle your husband before he starts ripping out the piping! Whew. Disaster averted. The operative word in DIY plumbing is “DIY”. This means “do it yourself”. Which means that your husband should only do things that he can ACTUALLY do. We know this, it’s just a matter of making him see the light.DIY Plumbing

DIY Plumbing He Can Actually Do

We love our husbands. They are wonderful fathers, partners, and providers. But unless they are tradesmen, they’re generally NOT great plumbers, carpenters, tilers, etc. So today, I want to offer some great ways that our husbands can help us save on money, feel like tradesmen gods, and NOT cause a flood in the house. These routine plumbing products are easy (or relatively easy) to do, and can save a lot of money.

Clear the Traps

One of the easiest ways to ensure that clogs don’t happen is clearing the sink traps. It’s extremely easy to do, but requires a sufficient enough amount of work to allow our husbands to really feel their chest hairs. It’s a simple matter of putting a bucket under the “S” curve of the sink pipe, unscrewing the connectors, and pulling it off. Then you just clear out the gunk and screw it back on. Easy peasy. And MANLY! 😉

Change the Wax Ring on the Toilet

The hardest part about this one is positioning the toilet. This DIY plumbing project is best done with a friend and followed by a well deserved beer. Your husband simply needs to turn off the water to the toilet, drain the tank, remove the toilet from the floor, and replace the wax ring. This is rarely done, but when required, it can take a bit of physical effort with very little know how, which makes it perfect for our weekend warrior hubbies.

Treat the Septic Tan

If you live in a rural area, you probably have a septic tank. You probably also know what happens when you don’t keep that business in order. For the uninitiated, think of a stinking cesspool where your backyard used to be. To keep the septic tank in order, all your husband needs to do is use some Roto-Rooter septic treatment. It’s packed with enzymes that eat up all the waste products, keeping your septic tank in perfect working order and avoiding overflow.

Blast out Clogs

Should you ever get a clog, your husband can be the hero of the day by blasting out the clog with Roto-Rooter clog removal products including their gel clog remover and hair remover. They even have a build up remover that helps keep your pipes nice and clean after your hubby has cleared the traps.

DIY Plumbing That Saves Money


These DIY plumbing projects can help keep your pipes and septic tank in order and leave your husband feeling like a DIY rockstar. Some of these protect against problems, which is great, and some treat problems which is equally great. In almost all of these scenarios, Roto-Rooter products can help your husband conquer the plumbing and keep it all running smoothly. Just remember to remind him to remain within the boundaries of DIY. 😉

How do you feel about DIY Plumbing?

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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Roto-Rooter. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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  1. Ash Sears says:

    Thank you so much for featuring things that we should be able to do around the house without calling in the plumber. I am all for saving money wherever I can!

  2. Robin Rue says:

    I definitely make my hubs do a lot of the plumbing work around the house. That stuff can cost an arm and a leg.

  3. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I have never really been one to do it myself when it comes to plumbing issues. I may be able to do some of these things that you have listed though.

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