Is Your Picky Eater Getting the Nutrients He Needs? #PediaSure #Sidekicks #ForPickyEaters

Do you deal with a picky eater? Ugh, before having kids I was one of those people who swore I would serve one meal to our family and that my kids would eat that one meal. I was certain that as long as I made sure to introduce all types of food to the kids as little ones that they would grow up with a broad pallet. Boy, was I wrong! I believe it started when I was pregnant with Little Man and couldn’t eat any meat… I mean, any meat at all! Then Little Man was born and as we started introducing him to foods, I noticed that he still would not eat meat. I would find myself literally fighting with a two-year-old to take a bite of a hamburger, hot dog, or pretty much anything made with red meat. The fights continued until Hubby stepped in and began allowing Little Man to have a separate, meat-free meal. Talk about a picky eater!nutrients and your picky eater

Now, here we are, with Little Man, now age nine who is still the picky eater who will not eat any red meat at all. No meat sauce, no burgers, hot dogs, ground beef, any of it. We have gotten to the point where some nights all he east are the side dishes and it is super-frustrating.  One might think it is no big deal, but the worst part is that Little Man is also our athlete. He is on a competitive soccer team, which means that he practices three-to-four nights a week and has games or tournaments every single weekend. He is always on the go and we HAVE to make sure that he is getting the nutrients that he needs to stay healthy.a picky eater needs to stay healthy

This is where Pediasure Sidekicks step in.  We stock up by picking up a case or two when shopping at our local Walmart store. It can be found in the PediaSure section, along with other PediaSure drinks.picky eater PediaSure SideKicks

Little Man loves the taste of the Pediasure Sidekicks  and I love that they give him the nutrients he may be missing by being such a picky eater. They can be substituted for milk or water in recipes or they can be drunk on their own. I like to keep them in the fridge so that Little Man can just grab a bottle and go.picky eater and his PediaSure

In the end, though I struggle with the fact that I, indeed, have a picky eater, I am at ease knowing that he at least gets the nutrition he may be missing by drinking Pediasure Sidekicks!

PediaSure for picky eaters

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Do you worry about your picky eater?

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*Disclosure – I have been compensated by PediaSure for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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