Five ways to celebrate grandparents

I was never close to my grandparents. Both of my grandfathers passed when I was very young and I never felt any real connection to either of my grandmothers, so when I look at the relationship my kids have with my inlaws I am in awe! You see, since my inlaws live with us, they have a very special bond with my children, so much so that my kids and I love to take time to celebrate grandparents. celebrate grandparents today

Here are five ways to celebrate grandparents –

Celebrate Grandparents with Hugs –

This one is a no-brainer… ha! A hug can go so very far to show affection, so why not remind the kids to take some time to hug their grandparents every  time they see them.

Celebrate Grandparents with Cards –

Make them a card – Grandparents love hand-made cards, especially when they are made by their grandchildren.

Celebrate Grandparents with hand-picked flowers –

Pick flowers – There is nothing like watching as my Mother-in-law make a huge deal out of a dead flower that my Baby Miss had picked her, HA! Not saying they should pick dead flowers, but it just goes to show you how amazing grandparents are!

Celebrate Grandparents by helping them –

Help them with chores – One way to celebrate grandparents is by helping them with their every-day tasks and chores.

Celebrate Grandparents with Cheesecake –

Yes, you heard me… we love to celebrate grandparents with cheesecake. Worried that your grandparents don’t live with you? can help. celebrate-grandparents-with-cheesecake

Offering an assortment of cheesecakes that arrive cold, at your door, in a box with dry-ice!


Ranging in price from $29.99 and up, you can find just the perfect cheesecake to celebrate grandparents any time of the year.


So, why not take some time and help your kids celebrate grandparents today?

How do you celebrate grandparents?


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