Six ways to make musical memories with your kids

It’s hard to ignore the fact that this is a house of music lovers. There’s always music on in at least one room of the house. If you can’t immediately hear Rotten to the Core coming from upstairs or the latest Taylor Swift song coming from the kitchen then you’ll notice the kids jamming out with headphones on. Music is a major part of our lives and there’s no denying that. Here are five ideas to make musical memories with your kids.

musical memories
1. Turn chores into an impromptu dance party —

Nobody really likes doing chores, but they still have to get done. After dinner, when it’s time to do the dishes, we will often throw on some tunes and dance around the kitchen while we wash and dry the dishes. Baby Miss especially loves to break it down. Of course, Karaoke is a must! Little Man loves to request Take On Me.
The kids love the DreamWave Bubble Pod Bluetooth Speaker that was sent to us. It’s extremely light and compact, so the kids can easily carry it around with them and they never have to stop dancing! Plus it has IPX5 protection which means it’s water and dust resistant! It plays up to 10 Hours of music and easily recharges with a cord. musical memories-for-kids

With the 360° Omnidirectional Sound Processor and Hi-Fi Sound and Anti-Distortion Circuitry,it is the perfect speaker to help make musical memories with kids. Oh, and did I mention that it comes in multiple colors?

2. Make a mix —

Now I know the days of mix tapes are long gone, but some of my most cherished possessions are tapes that used to belong to my parents. Little Man just recently got an iPod and he loves it. I mean he takes it with him everywhere he goes. The other day he was showing me his favorite playlist and it was filled with 80’s music; music he listens to with his parents, he explained. Now, I watch as he begins making musical memories for himself.

3. Study smart not hard with mnemonics —

Many of us learned the alphabet by singing the ABC’s, that’s called a mnemonic. It’s designed to aid memory formation. When I help Little Man with his homework sometimes I use mnemonics to help him remember things. (I learned how to remember the quadratic equation be setting the equation to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

musical memories-while-studying

4. Wake up to the beat of your own drum —

With school back in session, mornings can be a real challenge. Little Miss and I got to talking the other day and I asked her how she liked being back at school. She was super excited to be back with all of her friends! She was even more excited about a new alarm clock she got. She told me all about this new clock that she had that allowed her to pick a radio station and wake up to music in the morning before school!

5. Practice makes perfect —

Little Miss and Baby Miss love to practice their cheer routines. They love it, even more, when they have an audience. And who am I to say no to those adorable faces? To be honest, I really enjoy watching them practice because it’s clear to see that their practice pays off and they get better every day. We just turn the music up, press repeat, and they run their routine.


6. Hold a family dance party –

Why not fill the room with music and let loose? Dancing not only encourages exercise but is a great bonding experience with kids and parents. Connect  any of your devices to the DreamWave Bubble Pod Bluetooth Speaker,  via Bluetooth and let the music take over.


In the end, making musical memories with kids is super-easy to do, all it takes is a few notes of a great song!

Do you enjoy making musical memories with your kids?

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  1. Music has always been a big part of our lives, so YES! We always had music playing in the background when we had guests over for our barbecues.

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