Scary Costumes for the Perfect Halloween…

I can’t believe that Halloween will be here before we know it. As you know, we are HUGE Halloween fans and actually put together a very large Halloween walk-through for all of the neighborhood kids and adults. We have been building Halloween haunts for years and though our kids have always been excited this is the first year that they have decided that they want to be a part of the haunt. To do this, they have made the decision to skip the princess costumes in lieu of scary costumes and I couldn’t be more excited.

scary costumes-for-kids-for-halloween

To help the girls choose their scary costumes I allowed them to look through the Oriental Trading website. You see, Oriental Trading not only has a  huge selection of fun Halloween decor, but they also have a ton of costumes for kids and adults. Each of the girls chose their costumes and were super-excited for their costumes to arrive.

scary costumes-for-kids

Now, I know that Halloween is still a bit out, but we decided to do a test run to see how the girls like their scary costumes and also to see how we would do their hair and makeup.

Baby Miss chose the Gossamer Ghost and it is perfect for her. It comes with a long white robe, hooded cape, wig, and gloves… Side note, though the costume was a hit, the gloves were HUGE, so we skipped those. The wig is a half-wig, which is perfect since the hood covers her head.

ghost-scary costumes

Folks, this is such a cool costume. It is very light-weight which makes it kind of flowy.

scary costumes-ghost

Baby Miss loves how scary she looks in her costume and I actually love the beauty of the whole thing. scary costumes-ghost

Meanwhile, Little Miss chose the Girls Zombie costume and it is the perfect choice for her. The zombie costume is a two piece costume that has a one-piece dress, with a ghastly midriff that ties onto the mid-section.

scary costumes-zombie

Though the whole dress looks shredded and tattered, it is very well made and very comfortable. Little Miss loves that the costume shows her arm bones and feels like she looks super-cool.

scary costumes-zombie-for-kidsCreate Link

In the end, Oriental Trading was the perfect place to go to find scary costumes for Halloween. Go to now to find costumes for your whole family today. scary-costumes-and-kids

Are you looking for scary costumes for this Halloween?


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*Disclosure – this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of Oriental Trading. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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