School Shopping for Boys is Easy at Kohl’s #Kohls

Little Man has had his own style for as long as I can remember. He likes his jean to fit well, his tee-shirts to scream personality, his sneakers to show pizazz, and his button-downs to accent it all. He is that kid that literally will pick out fifty outfits, try them on, and only walk out with a couple, so school shopping is not always easy unless we head to Kohl’s!

Back to School with Kohls

We love school shopping at Kohl’s because the boy’s section always seems to have just what Little Man likes; from Tony Hawk to Tek Gear, Levi’s. and more… he never seems to have any issues finding clothing that call out to him. Boys Clothing Back to School Shopping

He especially loves the huge assortment of short and long-sleeved plaid shirts that pretty much go with any outfit he throws together.

Kohls Back to School Shopping

Not to forget the NIKE kicks that he found to start the school year out right!

school shopping nike

The best part about school shopping at Kohl’s is watching as my Little Man’s personality comes through with each outfit he throws together.

school shopping boys

Whether he chooses a fun Tony Hawk Tee with a pair of black, slim fitting jeans…

school shopping Tony Hawk b

Or decides to look snazzy in his plaid shirt and slim-fitting blue jeans, his smile says it all!

Kohls and school shopping for boys

In the end, Little Man’s clothing says it all, as he heads back to school in style!

school shopping Tony Hawk a

Find a huge selection of school shopping at your local Kohl’s store or go to School shopping for boys is easy

Do you do your kids’ school shopping at Kohl’s?

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*Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Kohl’s! This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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