Stock Up on Children’s Classic Books & Plush’s at Kohl’s!!!

Now, you know how much I love the Kohl’s Cares program. I mean, not only do I get the opportunity to stock up on gifts for my kids and others for only $5, each, but I also help others in need since 100% of the net profit supports children’s initiatives nationwide.  Well, now through December 27th, you can pick up an assortment of children’s classic books and characters, including Curious George, Paddington, Madeline and Corduroy!children's classic books

I have this memory of my Daddy sitting on the edge of my bed reading me Corduroy. Now, the thing was that it wasn’t the first time he had read it to me because truth is I had him read it to me every single night, but you wouldn’t have known it by his reading style. We would stop at every page and talk about the illustrations and the story and I would come up with silly ways for Corduroy to find a new button and we would laugh and laugh. Today, I go through the same thing with my Little Miss and her Curious George books. Man, this child LOVES Curious George.children's classic books-curious-george

The thing about children’s classic books are that children and yes, adults, still love them today. I love reading Madeline with my Baby Miss. We love looking at all the illustrations of Paris and talk about the rhyming words and this children’s classic book is still something we can read anytime.childrens classic books-and-more

That being said, I love that Kohl’s Cares also offers the adorable plushes that help bring these children’s classic books into kids arms to hug and play with.childrens-classic-books-at-kohls

So, this holiday season, why not fill your kids’ hearts with Kohl’s Cares children’s classic books and plushes? At $5.00 each, why not, right? Learn more at

Do your children love children’s classic books as much as mine do?

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*Disclosure – this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of Kohl’s. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 


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