Grocery Delivery Made Easy with PeaPod

Grocery delivery is a service that’s starting to take off in a big way. It’s been around for a while, but it’s finally starting to get the love it deserves from consumers. It’s definitely getting love from me. I am busy. Super busy. Ultra busy. I’m Queen Busy Bee in a hive of busy bees that focus on being busy, so grocery delivery is something that can make life so much easier for me.

Grocery Delivery with PeaPod

Have you ever had groceries delivered to your door with PeaPod?  It is like Christmas came early, right? I mean, I am no shrinking violet. I don’t hate to go out per se, but I am not a fan of grocery shopping. Back in the day when aisles never changed, and I could always find exactly what I wanted where I knew it would be, it wasn’t so bad. But these days, it seems like grocery stores are changing their setups every other week. Just when I figure out where everything is, I have to find it all again, not to mention the whole shopping with kids thing is a PAIN. With PeaPod grocery delivery, shopping only involves going to a website. Easy peasy. There’s no roaming through the store, searching for something that used to be in the front half of aisle 4 but is now in the middle of aisle 11. I just browse, find what I need, and have it delivered.

Not long ago, when my husband and I were in Maryland, I was able to use PeaPod by Giant to order some groceries, and it – was- amazing. For all the reasons I just listed. Oh, and did I mention everything came in one piece with no broken or smushed anything? You guys, it was so easy. I cannot adequately describe just how easy it was. It’s online grocery shopping, so it’s just click, click, click and then answer the door later on to get all your food. Boom!

Grocery Delivery with PeaPod is Fantastic!

I love, love, love grocery delivery with PeaPod. The only downside is that here in Texas where we live, they don’t have it. *sob* So now I’m back to going to the grocery store. It’s like I died and went to Heaven and then got kicked out. BUT I still maintain hope that eventually the service will reach my area. I’ll tell you right now, when that time comes, I’ll never walk into a grocery store again!

Right now, you can experience the wonder, the majesty, the unicorn-jumping-over-a-rainbow euphoria of grocery delivery for yourself with PeaPod, and you can experience it at a discount! Get $15 Off Your First Order at with code PPCJ15. Some exclusions apply, see site for details. Give it a try, and let me know about your experience!

Have you ever tried PeaPod grocery delivery?


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