Setting up a scary Halloween haunt with Halloween decorations…

Do you stock up on Halloween decorations? As you know, we get into Halloween a bit more than the average family. We go in stages, beginning the first week of October and don’t actually set out our last decoration until Halloween evening as we like to make it a big debut. This year we began by partnering with the folks at Oriental Trading to come up with this list of tips to setting up the perfect Halloween Haunt.

scary-halloween decorations-haunts

Step 1 – Halloween Decorations – THEME

Come up with a theme and check out Oriental Trading for Halloween decorations. This year we are going with the UNDEAD theme and everything is going to be centered on skeletons.

Step 2 – Choose your MAIN Piece – Go Big or Go Home

Choose some main Halloween decorations that people will talk about for days. The Demon with Wings will be our main piece this year as it stands 72″ tall and is the perfect attraction for our haunt. hauntingly-scary-halloween decorations

Step 3 – Place your order & assemble before Halloween

Order your item with enough time that you can assemble and make sure it fits your theme the way you want it to. Our Winged Demon came in a box with the body, wings, head, and stand, so all we had to do was take everything out of the box and put them together.

halloween decorations-winged-demon

The best part was that no tools were needed as each of the pieces just slid together easily.

scary-halloween decorations

Step 4 – Placement of Halloween decorations –

It is important to decide just where you want to place any scary decorations. We like to place the more-scary decorations further into our haunt so that little kids don’t see it. That being said, the placement also depends on the fear factor. I like to place real scary decorations where they will instill the most fear 🙂 Sometimes placing a scary item at eye level around the corner is the best placement.

scary-halloween decorations-and-haunts-1

Step 5 – Test Lighting –

In order to offer up the best haunt my biggest piece of advice is to work on your lighting. Halloween decorations may look a bit scary, but once you have them placed in the right location and have the right lighting, then they really turn into an ULTRA-scary decoration. Oriental Trading offers an assortment of Halloween lighting options but be sure to try them out a few days before Halloween so that you aren’t messing with them the day of. 🙂

Step 6 – Have fun with it –

In the end, nothing is worth it, if you don’t have fun with it…. so give it you all and then sit back and let the screams of terror begin!

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*Disclosure -this is a sponsored post on behalf of Oriental Trading… This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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