5 Items to Rock All Hallows’ Eve Like a Spooky Boss

All Hallows’ Eve is the best holiday in the history of holidays. I don’t even refer to it as Halloween. Oh no. Halloween is generic. Halloween is boring. But All Hallow’s Eve? That’s the jam. It’s that time of the year when ghosts, goblins, and ghouls make their way out of the shadows of the Halloween costume shelves and scurry towards the front door in search of candy. Mwahahahahaha-haaaaaa…


Here’s the thing about ghosts and ghouls and goblins. They pale in comparison to disappointed kids at the front door. The agony – the sheer soul-shattering pain – of seeing the look of utter disappointment on a child’s face when they come to the door and you answer in your regular clothes bearing that weird candy that you found on your way home from work on Halloween afternoon. THAT, my friends, is the real horror. So this year, I was happy to work with the folks at Vanilla Gift Cards to give you advice on Rockin’ All Hallows’ Eve.

5 Ways to Turn A Humdrum Halloween into an Awesome All Hallows’ Eve

So how are you to save an All Hallows’ Eve that’s gone off the rails and is rapidly deteriorating into a situation where you’re THAT house on Halloween night? Easy peasy, my friends. Just read on.


First and foremost, you have to have great decorations. That doesn’t mean buying a random lawn ornament and sticking out on the front lawn a day before Halloween. Oh, no. You need an eye for the spooky. You need to be in the spirit of spirits! Go for something cool! Tombstones are always a good bet. The other day, I even saw a complete set of “animal skeletons” featuring a dog and a cat. I already have plans for that.


Please, for the love of all spirits everywhere, DON’T get fun sized anything! Go all out! Make your house the house that all the kids talk about. Rock All Hallows’ Eve like a boss with FULL SIZE candy bars. Anyone can pass out tiny little candy bars. But what the kids really remember is that house where they scored a full-size Snickers or a bag of M&Ms.


This. This is the money when it comes to All Hallows’ Eve. Whether you go the scary route or a more tame character route, go for it like you mean it! A mask is only part of it. Be sure you get the suit, too. When the door rings this Halloween, answer in full costume. One thing to remember about this is to consider your neighborhood. If you have a lot of younger kids in your area, it’s not the best idea to show up as a realistic zombie. I mean, unless scaring the bejeesus out of kids is how you roll…all hallows eve-costumes


Closely related to decorations, but still in a different category, are lights. You can find cool LED lights in all kinds of colors. So try to score some outside decorative lights in purples and oranges to accentuate the decorations I referenced earlier.

Vanilla Gift Card

Why is a Vanilla Gift Card on my list of how to rock All Hallows’ Eve? That’s simple. Because it’s SUPER convenient for all shopping needs, including rocking All Hallows’ Eve like a boss. If you have one of these cards, use it to score all of your awesome Halloween swag. The great thing about these gift cards is that they never expire. They also have no fees – period. AND they are accepted nationwide wherever Visa® debit cards, Debit MasterCard®, or Discover® cards are accepted in the US and Columbia. So there’s no need to wonder if they’ll work.all hallows eve-vanilla-gift-card

It’s All Hallows’ Eve! So Don’t Be Lame

Seriously. Have fun with this holiday. You’ll feel like a kid again, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood kids, and you’ll score serious rep with your own kids. All Hallows’ Eve is all about the fun and the scary of Halloween. So get some decorations, set up the lighting, and perhaps most importantly. get the full sized candy bars. 😉 And do it all with Vanilla Gift Card.

What items would you purchase for All Hallows’ Eve with your Vanilla Gift Card?


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*Disclosure – as stated above, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Vanilla Gift Cards. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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