Staying Safe in the Laundry Room – Take the Pledge & Enter to win a Laundry Room Makeover!

Staying safe is important to me. In fact, keeping my family safe is my top priority. You might remember in a recent post, I talked about how I go above and beyond to keep my family safe and healthy. Not only for my husband and our kids but for our in-laws, as well. As part of that, I’ve always made an effort to keep my laundry room safe for my kids, especially when they were younger.

Staying Safe in the Laundry Room

Staying Safe Begins with Prevention

Staying Safe Begins with Prevention
Let’s face it. Kids get into everything. In fact, they seem to have a gift for finding their way into everything we DON’T want them to be in. It’s like some sort of supernatural power. I’m convinced that small children either have telekinetic powers or that they can pass through walls. They’re like tiny little X-Men, except that we have to save them from themselves!

Accidents involving children and liquid laundry packets is a serious issue. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 2016 there have been 8,845 exposures to liquid laundry packets in children 5 and younger. The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched the KEY Pledge consumer safety education program in June of 2013 to address this issue. It’s a multi-platform educational program designed to help parents with the tools they need for staying safe in the laundry room. It promotes education and awareness about the proper usage, storage, and handling of liquid laundry packets. That’s so important because little kids really do put everything in their mouths, so staying safe begins with us parents.

Watch this short video –

How ACI Encourages Laundry Room Safety

Through the KEY Pledge, ACI helps parents and caregivers to take a look at their laundry rooms and routines to help them keep their children as safe as possible. Through proper usage and storage of these packets, we can help ensure the safety of our families.
Staying Safe

Take the Pledge for Staying Safe

The ACI is encouraging parents to get involved, take action, and pledge to be the KEY to a safe laundry room for their kids. Visit the ACI KEY pledge page to make your own pledge to do your part to make staying safe a reality for you and your kids in the laundry room. Even if you don’t have kids, I encourage you to visit the site. Because like children, pets are also incredibly good at getting into EVERYTHING.

Pledge to Stay Safe and Win $2,500

As if taking the pledge to keeping our children safe, wasn’t enough, there is also a chance to win. You see, when you take the KEY Pledge, you’re automatically entered to win a $2,500 gift card for a laundry room makeover. With that kind of money, you can do almost anything to your laundry room, including put safety precautions in place to help with staying safe. It’s a great pledge to take and a great opportunity to win, so check it out! For more information on the official rules of the contest visit the KEY pledge terms and conditions page.

Comment below letting me know that you took the pledge for staying safe!

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  1. I think this is so important. When my youngest was very small, she managed to get into one of those pods. Thankfully, she didn’t actually rupture the package, but it scared the daylights out of me.

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