Potty Training; Are you prepared? #OnAMegaRoll

*Thank you Cottonelle® for sponsoring this post. Stay tuned to the Cottonelle® Facebook page and Brit Morin’s site “Brit + Co” for more great potty training tips and tricks. 


Potty training… those words that parents dread to hear. When Little Man was about two years old I decided it was time to potty train him and boy, did it go badly. I so many mistakes pushing it on him, that it left us both crying and fed up. After days of non-stop fighting, Hubby finally put his foot down and put Little Man back in diapers until HE was ready to do it. Then one day, it happened; Little Man just decided it was time and it went so much smoother. So, when the folks at Cottonelle® contacted me asking me to share tips and tricks on potty training with my readers I jumped at the chance. I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through and love the idea of helping to make it a smooth transition for parents and little ones everywhere. potty training-tips-101

You see, Cottonelle® has partnered with lifestyle expert Brit Morin of Brit + Co, to provide families with amazing potty training tips and tricks and they are so much fun. CLICK HERE to watch her potty training video…  or click play below:

Now, for my own tips & tricks on being ready to potty train!

Be sure your little one is ready for potty training-

This was a big one for me. Follow YOUR gut, not what the books or friends say. Watch your child for signs, such as following you to the bathroom, pointing to the toilet, tugging to remove the diaper, asking to sit on the toilet, etc. ready-for-potty training

Be prepared for potty training –

  • Be sure you are prepared with a toilet seat or mini-potty for your child as sitting on a big toilet seat can be a bit overwhelming to a child.

Be sure to have plenty of toilet paper on hand. With Cottonelle® Mega Roll with CleanRipple Texture, there is more inside than meets the eye as each holds 4 rolls in 1, which in the end means less changing of the rolls. Talk about convenient, right? potty-training-with-cottonelle

Make Potty Training FUN –

Turn up the excitement and laughter so that your child is excited about using the potty. Making it a positive experience will make it much easier on the both of you. cottonelle-and-potty training

Rewards & Encouragement –

Start rewarding your child with high fives, hugs, and kisses every step of the way, from sitting on the toilet all the way through actually tinkling and using it.

In the end, potty training does not have to be dreaded, instead, it can be a hugely positive step towards becoming a big kid! CLICK HERE to grab a Cottonelle® Mega Roll Coupon! 



Stay tuned to the Cottonelle® Facebook page for more great tips and tricks!

Do you have any tips for being prepared for potty training?

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*Disclosure – I was selected for this opportunity and the content. This does not change the fact that all content and opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

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  1. Those two little words are definitely scary to say the least. These are some awesome tips though to help any parent through it.

  2. These are great tips! My kids were so easy to potty train that I feel like it was a sin that I didn’t struggle more.

  3. Great tips. There are two things that are so important when you potty train. They have to be ready, and you have to make it an awesome experience for them.

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