Saving Money & Energy with ENERGY STAR Sound Bars/Dryers at Best Buy #bbyenergystar

I remember, sitting with my Mama watching her do laundry when I was a kid. She would load the washer or dryer and she would complain about how long our dryer took to dry clothes and how expensive it was to run, so we would only do laundry a couple of times a month. Now that I am an adult with eight in our house, I feel her pain. I mean, we always seem to be running the washer, dryer, or  dishwasher and don’t even get me started on the TV and sound bar. LOL. Our electric bill is feeling the pain of our big family which is why I am always looking for ideas on saving money and looking for brands that are  ENERGY STAR® certified is a great way to do so. Thankfully, Best Buy is committed to helping by providing such sustainable products.saving money-with-energy-saver-products

Not sure what ENERGY STAR certified means? Well, they are products that are certified to help save money on your utility bill and to help protect the environment by using reduced energy. Sounds great right? Well, this is just one of the many reasons I love Best Buy, you see, they are totally committed to positively impacting the environment and our communities by proving our customers with a wide assortment of sustainable products, including a large selection of energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR certified consumer electronics and appliances. Here are some Best Buy Stats to get your jaw dropping:

·         In 2015, Best Buy customers purchased enough ENERGY STAR® certified products to collectively save $67,120,515 in annual energy costs.

·         In 2015, Best Buy customers purchased ENERGY STAR® certified products to collectively save enough energy to help power 70,538 households for a year.

·         In 2015, Best Buy customers purchased enough ENERGY STAR® certified Audio Equipment and Sound Bars to collectively help prevent the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 2,013 cars from the road for an entire year.

Saving money is easy with  ENERGY STAR certified products and you can easily spot the savings since they come with two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. ENERGY STAR certified products can help customers save money on operating costs by reducing energy expenses without sacrificing performance. And, on top of saving money, by using ENERGY STAR certified products we are helping the environment, as well, by reducing energy usage, which helps to: Fight climate change, Reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants, Preserve more of the Earth’s natural resources.

CLICK HERE for video tips on Saving Money with ENERGY STAR: 

Want to know which ENERGY STAR Products to look for at Best Buy:

Saving Money on Sound Bars

Did you know that ENERGY STAR certified audio/video equipment, including sound bars, are up to 50 percent more efficient than conventional models? Well, you can maximize your energy savings by bundling ENERGY STAR certified televisions and sound bars and other products. saving money-on-sound-bar-1

Saving Money on Dryers

Last year when we purchased a new dryer at Best Buy we looked for the ENERGY STAR certified label because they use 20 percent less energy than conventional models without sacrificing features or performance. They do this using innovative energy saving technologies, such as moisture sensors that detect when clothes are dry and automatically shut the dryer off. Many ENERGY STAR dryers also include convenient features, such as steam cycles that can help save time on ironing clothes by preventing wrinkles. Believe me, folks… our house uses the dryer a lot, so drying time without the energy is a big deal. Oh, and guess what? Rebates are often available from utilities for smart home products and appliances, which means more money in your pocket!

In the end… Saving money is easy if you know the changes to make and swapping out things like your dryer and sound bars for ones that are ENERGY STAR Certified, can help!sound-bar-2-saving money

Do you save money by investing in ENERGY STAR Certified products?

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*Disclosure – Adventures of 8 has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 


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