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The other day, I was talking to a friend who is expecting her first kid and we were discussing gifts for new moms and expanding families and I explained that over the years I have learned to purchase gifts for kids that will last. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I get sick of purchasing gifts for kids that they play with once or twice and by their next birthday are obsolete. That is why I like to stock up on gifts for kids that last through the ages…Tell me that your little one wouldn’t love to receive a pink vintage kitchen or a block set that will actually last for years? Top it off with a soft floor that not only pads knees but adds some depth to the

Gifts that last through the years:


GiftaGif Pink Vintage KitchenGet It Here Foam Floor TilesGet It Here Wooden Block SetGet It Here


Relaxation gifts for new moms – 

When a family is expecting a new baby, most people forget that new moms need gifts too… I mean, in all honesty, they did the work, LOL. So, why not gift new moms with gifts of relaxation… An Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect gifts to give any new mom some moments of breathable zen.. add in some great essential oils and you are golden.


 Essential Oil DiffuserGet It Here Lamb BlankieGet It Here Essential OilsGet It Here


Subscription Boxes – Gifts for new moms that keeps giving: 

Have you thought about gifting a monthly gift that a new mom would receive in the mail? Subscription boxes make great gifts for moms since they come every month and offer new moms a try of new items they may not have heard about or may have wanted to try but didn’t want to purchase a full-size product.


 Bulu Box OriginalGet It Here Beauty Box 5Get It Here Bulu Box Weight LossGet It Here


Gifts for new moms – beauty –

Every new mom has a sense of feeling just blah… I mean, sleepless nights, excess weight, and hormones add up to a bad feeling. So, why not gift beauty gifts for new moms…?

 Makeup PaletteGet It Here Skin Survival KitGet It Here 4 Pc Lip Glitter SetGet It Here


In the end, new moms deserve the world, I mean, they just delivered a LIFE to the world… Feel free to click any of the items above and come back and let me know what you think…

So, tell me… what kinds of gifts for kids would you add to my list?

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