Santa is Real and He Lives in All of Us #SantaProject

Santa is real. That’s what I’ve been teaching my kids since they were born. There’s a reason for that. Santa is absolutely real, and he lives in all of us. You see for kids, Santa is the round man in red who brings them gifts. For adults, Santa is a feeling – a way of looking at things that is even more important around the holidays. I teach my kids that Santa is real now because he adds to the magic to their Christmas, and later, he’ll add to the spirit of Christmas for everyone around them. This is why I was happy to partner with Macy’s to remind us all that Santa is REAL!santa is real-we-believe

Santa is Real and a Real Part of the Christmas Season

There’s a reason that Santa has remained a central figure in Christmas for hundreds of years. He represents the magic, hope, and spirit of kindness that Christmas is all about. There’s a certain magic that a belief in Santa adds to the Christmas season. I remember that magic when I was a kid, and I want my kids to have it, as well.

Remember your Christmases when you were a kid? I remember going to the mall with my Mama. We would stop into Macy’s and fill out a letter to Santa and then we would stand in a HUGE line so that I could get five minutes with the big man, himself. Then, on Christmas Eve, every time I heard a noise, I was sure it was Santa up on the roof, gearing up to put presents under our tree.

santa is real-with-macysNow that I am a parent, I make sure my kids get to have that same sense of wonder and magic. A recently released article from Macy’s highlights that a belief in Santa has been shown to have long-lasting, positive effects on children’s social development, including a strengthening of creativity, building family traditions and instilling good morals. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” said it best – be good for goodness’ sake. Think about that phrase for a second. Be good for GOODNESS’ sake. Just be good for the sake of being good. That’s powerful stuff.

Macy’s Believes That Santa is Real in Our Hearts and Minds

Macy’s has long been a huge supporter of Santa Claus and what he represents. He’s been a staple of their Christmas season for decades. Remember “Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus”? Where was Santa? That’s right! Macy’s! This year, Macy’s created the #SantaProject. It’s all about spreading the magic of belief to the internet and beyond. It’s about keeping the magic in Christmas and keeping the belief that Santa is real strong in all of us.

In fact, Macy’s has released a video all about how the belief in Santa Claus positively impacts children. Take a look.

Join Macy’s and Believe that Santa is Real!

My kids will always believe that Santa is real, whether it’s the physical representation now or the spirit of the Jolly Old Elf later on, and I think that’s important. I’m so excited about the #SantaProject and all the joy and magic it represents. I will continue to teach my kids that Santa is real, and I will continue to make the holiday as magical as possible. Join Macy’s on Macy’s “National Believe Day” on Dec. 9th and shout to the world that Santa is Real!we-believe-santa is real

What about you? Do you teach your kids that Santa is real? Was he a big part of your childhood Christmases? 

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**Disclosure – as stated above, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Macy’s. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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