SpacePOP – Bringing the rock star out of girls everywhere #spacepopgirls

I am raising my girls to believe in girl power… to know that nothing can keep them from doing what they want to do {to an extent} and that they can be who they want to be. It is important to me that they know how important it is to know how special they are, which is why I was happy to work with Kohl’s to tell you about their new SpacePOP collection. these-girls-rock-space-pop

Have you heard of SpacePOP? Well, it is an animated entertainment series focusing on girl empowerment, friendship, and adventure, pretty much everything I teach my kids on a daily basis.  The show includes five teenage princesses who disguise themselves as musicians and form a band while they secretly plot to a rebellion against the evil Empress Geela. spacepop-girls-rock

CLICK HERE to watch some of their webisodes on YouTube.  Each of the serialized episodes are about 3 minutes long and they feature a 90-second music video. They are released twice per week and are perfect for kids everywhere.

On top of these fun Webisodes, you can also find SpacePOP: Not Your Average Princesses CD; An album jam packed with 13 original hit songs from the YouTube series, as well as, SpacePOP: Not Your Average Princesses The Book Series, that follow the princesses as they form the Undercover band SpacePOP!

To help celebrate this fun series, Kohl’s sent us a couple of SpacePOP items, such as the One Rockstar Warrior Princess Drop Shoulder Ruffle Hoodie from Jaya. Little Miss loves the rainbow screen-printed, ruffled hoodie and feels super-empowered when she wears it.girls-rock-with-girl-empowerment

Kohl’s also sent Baby Miss the One Metallic Bomber Jacket from Jaya. This adorable hot pink and black zip up jacket fits Baby Miss perfectly and makes her feel like a rock star!


Teaching the girls that they are powerful is super-important and I love knowing that the folks at Kohl’s agree. So next time you are visiting your local Kohl’s be sure to check out their line of SpacePOP products!


Learn more about SpacePOP by going to
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Have you seen the line of SpacePOP products at Kohl’s? Let me know what you think!


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*Disclosure – this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of Kohl’s & SpacePOP. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 


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  1. This show sounds so cute! I am loving that bomber jacket, my little girl would love that one!

  2. I love that metallic jacket! So adorable and looks very comfortable.

  3. I LOVE those outfits! They are so sassy. Like super sass-tastic.

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