Spin Master Toys & Games – Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I guarantee you that if you go to the store to shop for games and toys this holiday season, you have seen at least one or two, if not more, Spin Master Toys & Games. Better yet, you have probably already purchased at least one or have many at home. So, when I began our holiday gift guide, I knew that I had to partner with Spin Master, once again.

Gifts for kids

The folks at Spin Master sent us the Zoomer Chimp, Quick Cups Game, as well as, Electronic Hedbanz to include in the gift guide and I have to say that I think they are just the perfect additions.spin master-toys-and-games

The Zoomer Chimp is this year’s big fun robot. Zommer Chimp is a fun primate that literally knows over 100 tricks and voice commands. Though he doesn’t have any fur, he is super-fun because he balances and moves like a chimp, using real facial expressions, along with light-up eyes.


Now, I have to say that we have become obsessed with Electronic Hedbanz. The way this game works is like the other Hedbanz games, you work in two teams and one team member places the hedbanz, along with a card on their forehead. Then they try to guess what is on that card by working with their teammate.

spin master-hedbanz


The difference in this game is that it is run by an electronic host who not only keeps score but runs the game. There are 3 ways to guess what’s in your headband: ask “yes”/ “no” questions, get team members to describe it, or act it out. The electronic host will tell each team how they are to run their turn and let me tell you it is super-fast paced and a lot of fun.

spin master-hedbanzWhat was also very helpful is that there are game cards to help the kids ask good yes/no questions. For example, if Little Man has Keys on his card, he will pick up an “Ask it” question card and ask his teammate, is it an animal, is it a thing, do we use it? Etc.

family-games-from-spin master-games

In the end, we have a ton of fun with our Spin Master toys and games and know you will too… So do yourself a favor, look for the Spin Master logo while you are shopping this holiday season. Believe me, you will be happy that you did.

Learn more at SpinMaster.com.

Are their Spin Master toys and games under your tree this year?

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*Disclosure – as stated above, this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of Spin Master. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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