The Glider Brush – My hair styling secret…from drab to fab in minutes

My hair has gotten crazy, I mean really crazy. For some reason, I got it in my head that I would grow my hair long again without thinking about how much I would go insane with the upkeep. You see, I am a simple girl who goes through life washing and towel drying my hair, brushing it once, out of the shower and then not thinking about it again. But, it seems that my longer hair needs a bit more love, which wouldn’t be a problem if I had the time, but being a working mom, I never seem to have the time or patience to do much with it, until NOW! You see, I was given the opportunity to do a Glider Brush review by HSI Professional and I am officially won over. glider brush review

Now, I am sure you have heard of the HSI Professional Glider Brush, but if not, let me tell you about it. The Glider Brush uses HeatBalance Infrared Technology to target the hair cuticle by locking in moisture, while the Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline-Coated Plate reduces frizz while increasing shine. glider brush review from HSI

The day that I received my Glider Brush Combo Pack, I couldn’t wait to get started, so I recorded a short video unboxing… watch it below:

If you watched the video, then you know that the Glider Brush Combo Pack comes with the following:

  • Glider Straightening Brush
  • Heat Mat
  • Heat Glove
  • Thermal Spray
  • Glider Flat Ironglider brush review HSI Professional

Sounds good right? Well, that evening, I dug right in and tried the Glider Brush for myself. Between you and me, I was a bit skeptical, as I do have thick wavy hair, which like I said, is very long, so I was expecting to have to spend at least 30-minutes to straighten my hair. Boy, was I wrong. glider brush review hsi argan oil

Step 1 – Spray the Argon Oil Thermal Spray on hair

Step 2 – Turn on and set the Glider Brush to your desired temperature. I set mine to 430 since I have wavy, thick hair. Notice that it takes seconds to get to temperature, so no more waiting around.

Step 3 – Divide hair and begin brushingduring

Folks, I am not kidding, I spent more time setting everything up for my photos than I actually did straightening my hair. It took no time to literally brush my hair in segments and voila, my hair was not only straight, but it had a whole new shine and look to it.

glider brush review shiny hairOne of the features I love about the Glider Brush is that it has a 360 degree swivel cord allows for hassle-free, tangle-free styling. This is a must since I tend to get tangled in cords. It is so quick and easy to use that I even began using it before going to work. Folks, I am not kidding, I am obsessed with my hair now. It looks so healthy and strong and even Hubby, who never notices anything, commented about my new look.before and after glider brush review

So, if you are looking for easy-to-use hair styling tools, that you can take anywhere, that won’t add hours to your prep time, I suggest checking out the Glider Brush by HSI Professional. glider brush review combo pack

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Have you ever tried the Glider Brush from HSI Professional?

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