Effortlessly Cast Music with the Google Chromecast Audio at Best Buy #ad

Have you heard of the Google Chromecast Audio, yet? Well, ever since Best Buy sent me a couple to check out, they have officially become my new musical best friends. You see, we have this old speaker that we have had FOREVER. I want to say that we got it about seven or ten years ago that has made it through multiple moves and, yet, somehow still works great. We love using it… but the problem is that we have to actually plug it into one of our devices, as there is no wire-free connectivity, until now.

Welcome to the world of Google Chromecast Audio. You can pick one of these babies up at Best Buy or on BestBuy.com and open yourself to a new world of music. The way it works is that you plug the audio cable from your Chromecast into your speaker and then the power cable into a power source.

Next go to your phone, tablet, or laptop and set up the app. 

Voila… now you can easily stream music from Pandora, Google Play, iHeart Radio and more through your favorite speakers. The best part is that if you can pick up more than one Google Chromecast Audio devices and actually cast your music in multiple rooms at once, effortlessly. 

I love that I no longer have to plug my phone and iPod into my speaker, now I just connect via WiFi to the Google Chromecast Audio and now am able to stream my music from all of my favorite apps. Oh, and did I happen to mention that the sound is AMAZING? In the end, our home is now filled with continuous music in every room, thanks to our Google Chromecast Audio!

Go to BestBuy.com now to purchase your own Google Chromecast Audio and be sure to let me know how you like it!

Have you tried the Google Chromecast Audio, yet? What are your thoughts?

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