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Graduation cards are an important part of the transitioning process from moving away from Kiddie Land and into Adultville. The graduation cards we send out to friends and family can often become keepsakes, a memento of when the kids officially started making their way in the world. It’s a momentous event, and it deserves great cards.

Make Graduations Cards as Special as the Occasion

When I graduated high school, card were just cards. We had about 3 different ones to choose from, with the main difference being how flowery the script was and whether the paper was white, taupe, or a more brown taupe. Looking back on it now, it was just so boring. But we had no idea we were missing out on anything. These days, graduation cards can be so much more. You can pick all sorts of colors, layouts, papers, envelopes, and more. And one of the best places to get it done is with Basic Invite.

Basic Invite can help you create both high school graduation cards as well as college graduation invitations with a huge variety of colors, envelopes, and other design features to help make those cards as personal as the event.

More than a Rainbow of Colors

One of the cool things about Basic Invite is their color selection. While other invitation and stationery companies offer a dozen or two colors (if you’re lucky), you’ll have access to over 180 different color options. There’s an online instant preview mode, as well, so you can change the color of every detail and see how it looks right there as you go. with so many color options, it’s impossible not to find the one that’s perfect for your graduation.

Custom Samples

In addition to being boring, graduations cards were also a crap shoot in my day. You picked out colors and script and ordered. There was no preview. You just crossed your fingers. Basic Invite has that covered, too. It’s on of the few websites that actually allows you to order a printed sample so you know exactly what you’ll get when you order your graduation cards.

Envelopes for Days

Just like their color options, Basic Invite’s envelope selection is huge. You can chose from over 40 different colors of envelopes, and they’re all peel and seal. That means they’ll stay closed until they reach their destination, and we don’t get any weird tasting gunk on our tongues.

Free Address Collection Service

I figure everyone reading this right now is about my age, so remember pulling out the old address book for mailing invitations? That is also a thing of the past. When it’s time to mail your graduation cards, Basic Invite has a free address collection service to make life easier. All we have to do is share a link, collect addresses, and get our envelopes printed up for free.

Basic Invite – Basically Awesome Graduation Cards

Whether your child is graduating from high school or college, it’s a big deal. Really big. Huge. Ginormous. Why not make the cards as memorable as the event with Basic Invite, a company that is anything but basic. With over 180 card design colors, over 4o envelope colors, and more design options than you can shake a stick at, Basic Invite will have you sending out the perfect graduation cards in not time. And they WON’T be boring taupe – unless you’re in to that. 😉

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  1. Basic Invite is my go-to company for any sort of invitation or stationery. I love all the choices they have.

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