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Do you use a sports team management app for your local sports team, PTA, or group? Well, let me explain why I am obsessed with TeamSnap!

When Little Man was six-years-old I knew it was time for him to join our neighborhood swim team. He had finished his swim lessons and was pretty good and since I grew up on a neighborhood team, I wanted him to have the same amazing experience. I contacted our Homeowners to find that the neighborhood team was run by an individual, not the HOA and let me tell you, it was not easy to get him signed up, let alone be a team parent. The woman who was running the team was trying to do it pretty much on her own, while also working a full-time job and being a wife and mom. Unfortunately. communication was pretty worthless as texts and calls were never returned, the coach was stressed trying to handle parent communications and all of us parents were stressed trying to get information. So, what did I do? Well, I took over and am now the parent-volunteered President of our neighborhood swim team and my number one priority was to set up better communication between the board, the coaches, and the parents and what better way to do that than with an all-in-one sports team management app, like TeamSnap?

sports team management app - coaches parents team managers

What I love about is that not only is it the number one management app and software for coaches, managers, and organizers, but it is super-easy to use and it offers so much.

The first step is setting up an account with the club and league management app, by going to There is no commitment nor credit card required. Once you have signed up, you can create your team, invite other team managers, coaches, and players to sign up via their computer or the easy-to-use app. sports team management app TeamSnap from the phone

Here are some reasons I LOVE this sports team management app:

  1. Schedules – You can easily add the team schedule of meets or games into the app, along with addresses, so parents can not only see when the next event is, but easily get directions, as well. Also, the app makes it easy for parents to RSVP to an event so that we no longer have to track them down to find out if their swimmer will be there or not!
  2. Team Website – the sports team management app includes a team website that is free and easy to set up.
  3. Team management – once everyone is signed up, it is easy for the coaches to sign in and manage each of the swimmers and events.
  4. Volunteer Assignments – In the past our volunteer coordinator had to track down parents to get them to sign up to volunteer and then she would spend hours reminding them. Now, with the sports team management app, she can set up the volunteer positions for each game and then the parents can go in and sign up on their own. Then before the event, our coordinator just had to click one button and a reminder email will go to each person. Talk about time-saving. 
  5. Photos & Fees – This sports team management app makes collecting fees and sharing photos a snap.
  6. Communication – Oh my goodness, this is a huge one. As a team manager, I can send a message to the whole team, the coach, or just another team parent from either the app on my phone or the website on my laptop. Ugh, no more tracking down phone numbers or emails. Talk about easy!
  7. Time – We now have time to spend with the kids and enjoying events, rather than trying to coordinate everything ourselves… Sports team with sports team management app

In the end, this sports team management app is just what we needed to make our neighborhood swim team flawless, so that we can stop stressing over the management aspects and instead just enjoy the team.

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  1. Man, I wish this had been a thing when my daughter was in school. It was such a pain to get in touch with all the parents on her team back then.

  2. I need to show this to my kids’ coaches. It’s so hard to get in touch with everyone on the team. This is great.

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