Bike Riding is Easy and Fun with Schwinn & #SchwinnBingoSweepstakes Giveaway Inside!

Bike riding is an integral part of a child’s life. I remember riding my bike all over creation when I was a kid. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, learning to ride a bike can be scary for some kids. Thanks to Schwinn Smart Start sidewalk bikes, bike riding is easy to master for little ones. They’re designed for little bodies to make the entire process easier to begin and to master.

In addition to providing great bikes for the little ones to learn with, Schwinn has also provided me with a Schwinn Smart Start Bike, Bike Trip BINGO Cards AND a giveaway to help get the entire family excited about bike riding.

Bike Riding for Little Bodies

When Schwinn designed their Smart Start sidewalk bikes, they were really using their noodles. You see, it’s not just about a bike that’s the right height. It’s about a bike that has the right overall proportions. Most kids bikes are just shortened version of big kid counterparts, which makes it difficult for little bodies to control. Schwinn Smart Start bikes are designed with all parts of little bodies in mind.

Smaller Grips

Rather than trying to hold on to huge handlebar grips with their tiny hands, kids now have the perfect sized grips for their hands. This gives better control and more confidence in their grip.

Comfort Fit

From a resized seat to better spaced pedals, Schwinn Smart Start sidewalk bikes are designed to make bike riding more comfortable for little bodies. The seats are smaller to support the child while being easy to get on, and the pedals are positioned more closely to match the small hip width of a small child’s body.

Easier Ride

One of the hardest parts of bike riding for a small child is getting started. These Schwinn Smart Start Bikes are geared to help the child enjoy a powerful, easy takeoff without topping out at too fast a speed. That means it’s easier and safer for the child all the way around.

Fun Designs

Schwinn Smart Start sidewalk bikes come in two fun designs for the little ones. The Scorch features flames and a bold yellow and black color scheme. The Jasmine features a pink and white color scheme with aqua accents.

Easy to Purchase Already Assembled

This one is actually for us parents. If you’re like me, when you find what you want, you just want to go out and get it. Well, like all Schwinn bikes, these Smart Start bikes are available at Toys”R”Us, Target, and Academy where we went to get our bike.

Also, if you’re like me, your husband – a normally sweet man – turns into a monster when the assembly process doesn’t go smoothly. And the more difficult things become, the more you have to either ear muff the kids or take them to another part of the house. LOL! These Schwinn bikes are already assembled at the store, so both kids AND grownups can enjoy bike riding. Plus, I love that the kidos get a chance to try the bike to be sure it is a good fit. 

Bike Riding Bike Trip Bingo

To make learning to ride a bike and subsequent bike riding trips more fun for the little ones, Schwinn has provided me with some great Bike Trip Bingo printables. Simply download the Bike Trip Bingo cards here, and you’re good to go. Now your bike rides become even more interesting as kids keep a lookout for all sorts of commonly seen objects on bike riding excursions.

Schwinn Giveaway!

Right now you can win a Schwinn Smart Start prize pack. It’s easy to do. Just log into your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook account through the widget below and select a photo you’ve already posted with the hashtag #SchwinnBingoSweepstakes. It’s that easy!

Get out there and get the little ones excited about Bike Riding with Schwinn Smart Start sidewalk bikes and Bike Trip Bingo. They’re a great way to help kids easily master bike riding and have a great time doing it. And while you’re here, enter for a chance to win the prize pack, as well!

Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo Sweepstakes

*Disclosure – As stated above, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Mirum. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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  1. A bike specifically sized for very young riders is such a smart idea. It can be really hard to learn to ride on a bike that’s too big. I remember that well!

  2. That is so smart! I wish these had been around when my kids were learning to ride. They were so tiny on such HUGE bikes!

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