Finally, a dental guard that helps relieve grinding & clenching!

About six years ago I noticed I was waking in the middle of the night and my jaw was clenched, I mean, truly clenched and the more I paid attention the more I noticed that I was grinding and clenching my teeth. So, at the next dentist appointment, I asked my dentist about it and she said she could see excessive wear on the inside of my teeth and recommended a dental guard. Since I was unaware of what was available outside the dentist office, I asked her to make me one and a couple hundred dollars later and a few months later, I was sleeping with a mouth guard.

Now, like I said, that was quite a bit ago and since then I have literally bitten through two dental guards and I am not happy about it. Not only are they expensive to replace, they take forever to make. Plus, I was getting frustarted that my guard was stopping any damage to my teeth but wasn’t doing anything to help ME STOP GRINDING. So, when the folks at GrindReliefN contacted me to try out their smaller device, I jumped at the chance. Dental guard grindReliefN

Unlike other dental guards, the GrindReliefN affordable and you can get it over the counter, no more having to mail order one or having to get one from your dentist. Mine arrived and between you and me, I was a bit skeptical, especially when I saw this teeny tiny dental guard when I am used to a whole mouth unit, but I was opened to see how it worked. Dental guard grindReliefN for teeth

First off, there is no sending this one in to get it formed, you form it yourself and it is very easy to do. First off, heat a mug of water for 90-120 seconds and then put your GrindReliefN in the mug for 90 seconds. Once it is clear and transparent, remove from the mug and put it on your teeth for another 90 seconds. Once formed rinse in cool water and trim or file edges. Forming Dental guard grindReliefN

The first time I molded my GrindReliefN I did not follow directions totally well and it did not form perfectly, so did I have to replace it? No, all I had to do was start over. Cool, right? By the second go round, I had a perfectly formed mouth guard.
wearing Dental guard grindReliefN
The first evening it was a bit odd sleeping with it. I wasn’t used to the smaller size and noticed the central power bar reprograming my jaw muscles as it formulated to stop my teeth from grinding and clenching. But, after a few nights, I am at ease, totally used to sleeping with it and have noticed that my jaw no longer feels tight when I wake.
 relief with Dental guard grindReliefN
Some of the cool features of the GrindReliefN is that it actually works to refocus my bite to the front midline, making my bite forces overall reduced. I also love that it has a 3-year wear guarantee: Once you purchase your GrindReliefN, you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon as your mouth relaxes, reducing wear and tear on your mouth guard! Oh, and did I mention that it is at an unbelievable cost of only $37.99? 

In the end, I am sleeping well, once again, noticing a huge improvement in my grinding and loving the GrindReliefN. GrindReliefN can be purchased at, and Kinney Drugs.

Are you on the market for a more affordable dental guard that can reprogram your jaw muscles to stop grinding?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! My husband is a terrible tooth grinder while he sleeps. I need to get this for him.

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