3 Fun summer family activities that include your dog…

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Have you ever noticed that the dog food you feed your pet can impact your life? Well, let me tell you about how the change in our dog food has done just that. You see, summer is a fun time to spend building family memories and it has been in full swing here at the Torres home. Now, the thing is that in Texas, summer can be really, really hot so we have come up with some fun activities to do as a WHOLE family, including our dog, Precious.Summer activities with your dog

  1. Sprinkler fun – I grew up playing in the sprinkler and it is the perfect thing to do on a hot afternoon…
  2. Long walks – Yes, I know it is hot, but the key here is to wait till the sun is JUST about to go down and grab the family, some water for everyone including the dog, and head out for a nice long walk. Our asphalt streets tend to get very hot, so we make sure to keep Precious on the sidewalks or grass or in the shaded areas.
  3. Hit the lake or beach – One of our favorite things to do during the summer months is to grab the whole family, including Precious for a short car ride to the lake. Precious loves sticking her head out of the car and once we get there, she loves to cool off in the cool water.

As you know, we have had Precious in our lives for many years. She is more than just a dog, she is a true, all-out, member of our family, so I am always looking for the best for her. So, when I noticed a couple months ago that she didn’t seem as interested in playing around with us, I got a bit worried. I mean, she didn’t seem sick, just lazy and not in the mood to do anything. Of course, after taking her to the vet to be sure there was nothing physically wrong with her, we started thinking about the food we were feeding her, which just happened to be about the same time that the folks at Wellness contacted me about their Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ dog food.A dog and her food You can read my initial post about the dog food by clicking here! Anyways, what really got my attention about the dog food was the fact that Precious is a DOG and sometimes dogs need extra stuff in their diet, like PROTEIN. Well, turns out that Wellness RawRev actually has real freeze dried raw meat to give Precious the balanced nutrition her body needs to stay strong and lean. I loved that CORE RawRev dog food became a staple in our home, offering us a convenient, safe and easy way to incorporate raw food into Precious’ diet. Oh, and have I mentioned that she LOVES the food. I mean, you can always find her at about 5 pm looking to one of us, begging for her new food and just before I put the bowl down, I see the twinkle in her eye and the wag in her tail. Folks, the change in this dog over the past two months has been amazing, she is almost a whole new dog. I really see the power of RAW, as she is back to being full of life, back to wrestling, jumping around, playing and running, which makes summer activities non-stop fun! So, why not join the Raw Revolution this summer! Visit Petsmart and Buy one get one 50% off 2-5lb bags!

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What summer fun activities do you do that include your dog?

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