Saving money on Keeping Memories Alive

Saving money while trying to come up with ways to keep memories alive, isn’t always easy. Sometimes I wonder if smart phones and camera’s of today will be our downfall in twenty, fifty, or even one hundred years for now. You see, the other day, I sat for hours with my kids going through photos and photo books from my parents and my childhood and it was so much fun. Not only did it bring me and the kids closer, but it brought back so many great memories of my parents who are no longer with me. So, of course, the kids asked where THEIR photos and photo books were. Well, um, they are on my hard drive on my computer, HA! This is what brings me to my thought that I need to get on board with ways of keeping memories alive and the best part is that saving money while doing so, is easy.


Now, I know many of us have been saving money with Groupon for ages, using their deals and steals around town, but did you know that Groupon actually offers an assortment of coupons and deals on many other brands, companies, and websites, like Shutterfly?

saving moneyI love Shutterfly for so many reasons… not only can I get prints, gifts, and photo books, but the quality is amazing and I know that every single time I shop with Shutterfly, I am keeping my memories alive. Want in on some of their deals? Well, right now, you can get free economy shipping, a free luggage tag, a free 8×8 hard cover photo book and so much more.¬†saving money keeping memories

I don’t know about you, but I think this is the best opportunity to start creating and keeping those memories alive for my kids. I am thinking of creating a photo book for each year and maybe even printing off some of my favorite photos for a photo board in each of the kids’ bedrooms.

So, don’t let memories sit on your hard drive and, by all means, why pay full price, when you can start saving money now with Groupon… Click HERE!

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