Making bath time fun and safe for our little ones

Bath time at our house is usually a fun time to play, but I worry about what I am using to on my son’s skin. He has very sensitive skin and is prone to eczema breakouts, so I can’t use anything that contains harsh chemicals or perfumes. The itching and dry skin associated with eczema can be very uncomfortable.

That’s why I am so glad to have partnered with Babytime! by Episencial. They have created a line of products that have naturally-derived ingredients that do not irritate your skin like a lot of commercial products can do.bath time with BabyTime

We first used the Peaceful Bubbles Bubble Bath + Shampoo because it is enriched with natural oat and antioxidizing blueberry. It also contains extracts, like lavender, to calm irritated skin without having to use chemicals. And it smells so good! I think Little Man enjoyed it, too.bath time with Peaceful bubbles

For the next bath, we used Playful Wash Shampoo + Body Cleanser that contains moisturizing tangerine oil. You immediately smell the tangerine as it begins to lather and it smells quite invigorating. Which might also be because of the Organic Gingko Biloba extract.Bath time safe and fun

It is always nice to have your son enjoy the smell of his shampoo/body wash. If they don’t, it might make bath time a little more of a struggle. Now I can just let him play in the bubbles while I get him cleaned up from a day of playing in the dirt without worrying he is going to get a rash or irritated skin. Our kids deserve a little bit of pampering, just like we do. So why not make sure you have quality bath products that take them into consideration. If you have ever felt like your bath products were irritating your child’s eczema, you should definitely try using Babytime! by Episencial.

bath time with BabyTime

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Have you tried any of these amazing bath time products?

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