Playbrites Magical Fun Faces – One of the toys of the season

Have you heard of Playbrites ™ Magical Fun Faces? Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t be surprised if these don’t become one of the biggest hits of the season… think Mr. Potato Head, meets fun-loving animals with a light… ha, ha, ha.

Playbrites Magical Fun Faces

So, we were sent two Playbrites Magical Fun Faces for the girls to check out and let me tell you, they LOVE them. With Playbrites Magical Fun Faces, children can create faces that turn into a magical light show that glows. Sounds like fun, right?

Watch this short video to see our unboxing and how the girls reacted to putting together their Playbrites Magical Fun Faces.

Basically, in the box you will find what looks like a fun egg, with small holes throughout. Upon separating the egg, you will find the light box, as well as all of the face pieces. At that time, if you have more than one Playbrites Magical Fun Faces you can mix-and-match or you can just use the pieces that are in the ‘egg’ to create your fun face by popping the face pieces into the holes on the egg.

Playbrites Magical Fun Faces for kids

I loved watching as the girls’ imaginations went wild as they poppe on mouth, ears, eyes and hands.

Playbrites Magical Fun Faces mix and match Play all day, then say

Play all day, then say goodnight with your favorite friend Playbrite!

fun with Playbrites Magical Fun Faces

Of course, the fun does not stop there, as you can also change the light colors, as well. With just a press of the head or feet, the lights inside the Playbrites Magical Fun Faces can change.

Playbrites Magical Fun Faces lights up

My girls love that they can play with their Playbrites Magical Fun Faces all day and then use it as a night light when they go to sleep, helping them drift to sleep without fears of the dark.

Playbrites Magical Fun Faces magic

Interested in picking up your own Playbrites? Well, you have six fun characters to collect and you can order yours NOW for only $19.99 plus S/H & Tax. Just go to to place your order.

In the end, my girls love their Playbrites and I know you will too… Be sure to be on the lookout on social media by following on Facebook.

Which of the Playbrites Magical Fun Faces do you

think your little one would like?


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*Disclosure – as stated above, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Playbrites. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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