Frightful Family Halloween Fun

So, Halloween fun just happens to be our main objective through the month of October and thanks to Chevy, we had some amazing Halloween family fun. It all started when the folks at Chevy sent over this awesome Midnight Edition Silverado for us to drive around for a week. 

Our week started with running errands, going to work, and school, sporting the Midnight Edition Silverado. Now, I have always been a truck girl at heart and this truck totally exceeds all expectations. This midnight black Silverado with all black interior just feels beasty to drive. Offering options that truly made me gitty,  like the Android Auto that is built around Google Maps giving me the ability to talk to Google and use several different apps straight from my car’s display screen. Talk about hi-tech;  it offers a heated steering wheel for those up North and heated AND cooling seats that I used non-stop since it tends to be 50 degrees in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. 

Plus, for those of us that are not-so-great at backing up, the back-up camera is amazing. Even at night, it offers a bright view of what is behind us, as well as, lines that assist us on where to go.

Oh, and talk about safety features, I noticed that when I turned off the car the display changed to remind me to check for kids in the back seat. What a cool edition, right? Plus, Active Safety Alert Seat, that vibrates the seat to warn drivers of a crash risk, as well as lane keep assist with lane departure warning that provides gentle steering wheel turns (and Lane Departure alerts if necessary) to help drivers avoid unintentionally drifting out of their lane.

After a week of driving the Midnight Edition Silverado, Chevy treated us to a night at Six Flags Fright Fest. Driving the 30-minute drive was a breeze since the kids just connected to the 4GLTE WiFi and Hubby and I actually got to be able to chit-chat. Once we arrived we parked and headed into the park for some Fright Fest Fun.

The kids had their fun of roller coasters that took up most of the afternoon until the actual haunts opened. We went from RockKILL High to CarnEVIL 3D Haunted House and so much more, we screamed, laughed and had so much fun.

Once it got really dark all the ghouls, goblins, and creatures started walking among us.

By the time the night was over, both Little Man and I had lost our voices and we all made memories that will be sure to last a lifetime.

The next morning we surprised the kids with even more fun with the Midnight Edition Silverado, with some pumpkin carving. It was a gorgeous day so we set the tent up over the bed of the truck, pulled out our pumpkin carving supplies and got to carving.

The kids had a blast and it was so nice not worrying about setting up newspapers on the table or getting frustrated about messes.

This was the first year that we did it outside and it was a genius idea as it was super-easy to clean up, with just a quick swish of the hose.

Once the sun went down we lit the pumpkins and they turned out so very cool.

In the end, we had a week filled with non-stop Halloween fun and the Midnight Edition Silverado was just what we needed to make it perfect.

Learn more about the Silverado Midnight Edition at While you are at it, be sure to learn about Chevrolet Trucks centennial anniversary, as Chevy just announced its 100 year anniversary of trucks at the State Fair of Texas! Sounds cool, right?

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What kind of Halloween fun did you have in October?


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*Disclosure – as stated above, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Chevrolet. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 

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