Give the Gift of Health this Season with #SuperiorSource Vitamins

Give the gift of health this holiday season with great vitamin supplements from Superior Source Vitamins. Superior Source Vitamins, or SSV, are of the highest quality and easy to take. And I am not just saying that since I am a Superior Source Ambassador, I am saying it because everyone in my family uses them and we love them. They have over 180 vitamin supplements for both young and old, and because all of their vitamins use MicroLingual® Under … [Read more...]

Judgement Free Zone – Promoting Health and Confidence Planet Fitness #JudgementFreeGen

*Disclosure -this is a sponsored post on behalf of Planet Fitness through Find Your Influence. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.  Judgement Free Zone. Those words are music to my ears. I want to be healthy. I do. I want to work out. The thing is, whenever I've gone to a gym in the past, I was SO self-conscious. I would walk in with my workout gear on, ready to whip my butt into shape, and I'm … [Read more...]

Santa is Real and He Lives in All of Us #SantaProject

Santa is real. That's what I've been teaching my kids since they were born. There's a reason for that. Santa is absolutely real, and he lives in all of us. You see for kids, Santa is the round man in red who brings them gifts. For adults, Santa is a feeling - a way of looking at things that is even more important around the holidays. I teach my kids that Santa is real now because he adds to the magic to their Christmas, and later, he'll add to … [Read more...]

Personalized Christmas Gifts with Minted

Personalized Christmas gifts are the best kind, in my opinion. Christmas is a magical time of year, but gifting has become far too impersonal for my taste. I know it's hard to shop for people, but when did a magical holiday season become the season of gift cards? Don't get me wrong, gift cards are great, but there's no soul to them. I like to give gifts that mean something. That's why I was excited to partner with Minted to put together some of … [Read more...]

Biz Laundry Detergent – Tackling More Than Just Clothing

Biz laundry detergent is a powerhouse for clothing. I've already established that. I mean, this stuff really works well. However, it's also excellent for other cleaning jobs, as well. I have kids. I have a dog. I have a husband. In addition to being the loves of my life, they're also excellent mess makers. That's how I figured out that Biz laundry detergent is also great for cleaning messes around the house, as well as my laundry. Biz Laundry … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Feast – Give it a Twist with PRI & a HOT Giveaway!!!

Give your Thanksgiving feast a little something extra this year with PRI. The latest batch of amazing flavors from PRI - home of Manuka honey - is perfect for taking your Thanksgiving feast to the next level. Their uniquely flavored honeys, salts, and treats add interest to our favorite dishes without changing the feel or overpowering them. Kick Up Your Thanksgiving Feast and Save 15% Right now, you can save 15% on your PRI order when you … [Read more...]

Fighting Germs with Ellie – #Elliesafe

Fighting germs is so important to the health of our babies. Germs are everywhere, and so are our babies. They have tummy time, they crawl, and they put EVERYTHING in their mouths. Everything. So fighting germs is one of the most important things we as parents can do for our kids. We can't keep them from cramming everything they grab into their mouths, but we can make sure that as many of those things as possible are as safe as possible. Fighting … [Read more...]

#PrimalEssence – Do Something Different This Thanksgiving + A HOT Discount & Giveaway

Primal Essence is currently offering a Thanksgiving deal to help you do something different with your meals this Turkey Day. Doesn't it seem like we do the same thing every year for Thanksgiving? We always have the Turkey and dressing or stuffing. We have our desserts. Occasionally, we might have a ham, depending on how big our gathering is. That's all great, don't get me wrong, but have you ever wanted to do something a little different? If so, … [Read more...]

BIZ Laundry Detergent – Hardcore Clean for our Star Soccer Player

When I was contacted to check out BIZ Laundry Detergent, I have to say that I was a bit skeptical. I had heard great things about it but was unsure it would work for our family.  I have kids, so that means that my laundry if filled with not just clothes that have been worn, but with DIRTY CLOTHES. I'm talking dirt and grime dirty. Especially the clothes that come out of my Little Man's basket. This nine-year-old boy is my little jock, playing … [Read more...]

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