The Glider Brush – My hair styling secret…from drab to fab in minutes

My hair has gotten crazy, I mean really crazy. For some reason, I got it in my head that I would grow my hair long again without thinking about how much I would go insane with the upkeep. You see, I am a simple girl who goes through life washing and towel drying my hair, brushing it once, out of the shower and then not thinking about it again. But, it seems that my longer hair needs a bit more love, which wouldn't be a problem if I had the time, … [Read more...]

How to Tackle Halloween Hair Scares & a Giveaway

I can't believe Halloween is in just a few short weeks. We have been getting ready, non-stop and if you follow my blog, then you know that the girls have had some trial runs on their costume, makeup, and hair. My biggest issue is Little Miss' hair, as she has a half-wig to wear, so we need to have her hair pulled back and out of the way. Thankfully, the folks at  Fairy Tales Hair Care sent me a few tips on tackling Halloween Hair Scares... and in … [Read more...]

Self-Care for Body, Mind, & Spirit for Moms…

This post about self-care is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.  Self-care is something that most of us moms don't think about. Or we think about it, but we don't do anything about it. The thing is, between kids, school, school activities, morning lunch prep, and all of the other things we moms do, self-care falls by the wayside. This month's  BabbleBoxx is filled with products that help us moms take care of … [Read more...]

How to give your kids get some bath time pampering

We have so much going on in our lives and sometimes I have to remember to stop and give my kids time to just be kids. This is why almost every night I give them time to have some fun while getting some bath time pampering. The thing is that we have to be careful which items we use since Little Miss has eczema and Baby Miss has very sensitive skin. This is why we started allowing some bath time pampering with Sebamed that was designed for babies’ … [Read more...]

My secrets to healthy hair…

I have a confession to make. I have grey hair; I mean, A LOT of grey hair... But, you wouldn't know it from looking at me because I color my hair, yet if you were to feel it, you wouldn't guess, because it is so healthy and shiny. How do I do it? Hmm, well, I have a secret to healthy hair and I am willing to share with you. My secret to healthy hair is that I go at great lengths to take care of it. First off, I began using an assortment … [Read more...]

Hot InStyler styling tools for the holidays #RSVPInStyler

I have a confession to make; I am horrible with my hair. Though I love for it to look good, I am actually afraid of most styling tools. HA! My Step-Mom was a hair dresser and tended to be a little rough with my hair and since then I have been too scared to learn how to use them on my own. Not only that, but most people I admire use many different styling tools to get the look I like. They use a flat-iron, curling iron, special brush, and a whole … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for her – Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

Holiday Gift Guide Info - Item - Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler Website - or Perfect gift for - Women, Teens, Tweens I know that there is just someone on your holiday list who loves to look great. May she be a wife, mother, teen, or tween, this person spends time primping and curling. This is the person that you need to get the Kiss InstaWave for. The Kiss InstaWave is not just your every … [Read more...]

Foods for healthy hair…

The other day I took the kids to get their hair cut for school and as they sat in the chair I was amazed at how much the summer has changed their hair. Little Miss' hair was dry and had so many split-ends. And Little Man's hair felt brittle. The hairdresser reminded me that there we needed to supply foods for healthy hair and that I need to be sure to take care of everyone's hair. By the time she was done with the kids, she looked at me and … [Read more...]

Five helpful tips for healthy hair & a coupon!

Five helpful tips for healthy hair! As I am sure you have heard by my numerous posts that I have many hair issues. One of them being oily hair. The problem I face is that many hair products tend to weigh my hair down or add extra oil, which I don't need. I also tend to get shampoo build-up which weighs my hair down, as well. NOT FUN!!! These are my tips for healthy hair! 1. Keep hair appointments - This is one of my important tips for … [Read more...]

Our green back to school necessities & enter the KIWI Shop Sweet Escape Sweeps

I can't believe school is right around the corner... I know some of you have actually already started. WOW! Whichever boat you are I am sure you are thinking about back-to-school necessities. Now, I'm not talking about the school supplies; I am talking about the other things you need to help make it a great school year, like green back to school necessities that will help you take snacks on the bus and even safe hair care items that can keep lice … [Read more...]

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