Making bath time fun and safe for our little ones

Bath time at our house is usually a fun time to play, but I worry about what I am using to on my son’s skin. He has very sensitive skin and is prone to eczema breakouts, so I can’t use anything that contains harsh chemicals or perfumes. The itching and dry skin associated with eczema can be very uncomfortable. That’s why I am so glad to have partnered with Babytime! by Episencial. They have created a line of products that have … [Read more...]

How to give your kids get some bath time pampering

We have so much going on in our lives and sometimes I have to remember to stop and give my kids time to just be kids. This is why almost every night I give them time to have some fun while getting some bath time pampering. The thing is that we have to be careful which items we use since Little Miss has eczema and Baby Miss has very sensitive skin. This is why we started allowing some bath time pampering with Sebamed that was designed for babies’ … [Read more...]

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