Need a 4th of July Dress? Look no further…

If you have a little girl or two, or more, than you know that girls have their own sense of style. From the time that Little Miss was an infant, she was obsessed with shoes, meanwhile, Baby Miss has been infatuated with style. From her first words to her first time dressing herself, she has shown that her priority is 'style!' I am not kidding, this girl is only three, yet each morning she takes longer to get ready than anyone else because she … [Read more...]

Baby Shower Gift Guide – Organic Bamboo Velour, Hands-free Baby Towel is a must!

Item - Organic Bamboo Velour Baby Blanket w/Hands Free Strap Website The first time that Little Man took a bath in the tub I was scared to death. I sat right next to the tub, like a good Mama and watched every move he made. All went well until I went to take him out of the tub. I went to pick him up, but his wet, slippery body almost slid through my hands. So, I grabbed a towel, shoved it under my chin to try to hold it in … [Read more...]

G!veaway!!! Have your Little Ones Fall into Style with Umi Children’s Shoes

My girls are just like their Mama, they just love boots so when looking at Umi Children's Shoes fall selections they were so excited to see an assortment to choose from, including nineteen styles of boots and booties.What I love about Umi Children's Shoes is that I know each shoe is made with a child in mind so that shoes are made of the best quality matierals available with comfortable footbeds and durable outsoles.It did not take my girls long … [Read more...]

Back-to-school boys shoes G!veAway! W!n a G/C to Florsheim Kids Shoes

Back-to-school means back-to-shopping for fall! Fall is the time for jeans and khaki's and the fall style this year is preppy-fabulous. Little Man was excited for back-to-school because he loves the style of fall. He loves jeans and khakis and even more, he loves his Florsheim Kids Shoes!Now, Florsheim has quite a history of well-made shoes. The fact is that when talking to my Father-in-law he said that in his time a boy became a man when he … [Read more...]

Three Bears Hair Bows Gift Cert. G!veaway & Rev!ew!!!

The other day Little Miss and I had a little tift because she was upset that we couldn't find her pink jacket so I made her wear her brother's black pull over. I knew she needed to stay warm, but to my little four-year-old, this was a life ending moment; showing up to school in a black jacket. Just as I was about to give up, she said, "well, what if I added one of my new hair bows to my hair, maybe then I won't be so blah?" She immediately ran … [Read more...]

G!veAway! Get ready for Spring & W!n a Gift Card for Umi Children’s Shoes

There is nothing like spring time to bring out the cutest girls shoes. I especially love the adorable spring shoes found at Umi Children’s Shoes. Now, if you have been a fan on Adventures of 8 for a while, then you know how much I LOVE Umi Children’s Shoes. I have found that they are the only shoes that my girls can wear for the long run, that don’t cause their feet to sweat, stink, nor bruise from blisters. Umi prides themselves on making … [Read more...]

Wittlebee; A Monthly Box of Children’s Clothing Customized With Love Rev!ew

In our home, we tend to go through clothing quickly; either it is grown out of and sent to Good Will or passed down to Baby Miss, or if it is stained or yucky, it ends up in the trash. I am a firm believer in looking good, as my Daddy raised me with the belief that if you look good, you feel good, so once an item is looking ratty, it is gone. The problem with that is that I end up spending A LOT of money keeping up with my kids, ha, ha, ha! Truth … [Read more...]

Umi Shoes Dealz of the Month

You all know how much I love Umi Children's Shoes - check out their deal of the month - CLICK HERE … [Read more...]

G!VE-it-AWAY – Get Ready for Summer by W!NN!NG an iPlay Ultimate Swim Diaper

Summer is right around the corner and one of the things us Mom’s need to think about is swim attire for our kiddos. Last year I was introduced to i play® and have been in love ever since, so I was very excited when they contacted me to review something from their newest line of i play® Ultimate Swim Diapers. i play® has been perfecting their Ultimate Swim Diapers for the last eighteen years and it shows since this year they won the … [Read more...]

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