Preparing To Sell Your Home

Preparing To Sell Your Home It’s that time of year, again. The flowers are in bloom, the temperature is rising, the grill has been dusted off in preparation for Memorial weekend cookouts, and the clock is ticking down to the end of another school year. Spring is in the air (finally!), and with it comes many changes in households across the country. With the economy as it is and the housing market struggling to rebound, I’ve heard of several … [Read more...]

Teaching your kids what to do when the burglar alarm goes off

Home security systems are great because they often scare burglars and keep your house safe, but children might have a hard time understanding what to do when the alarm goes off. You can tell them to run or find other family members, but just telling your child about this once or twice won’t prepare them for when the alarm really does go off. There are a few things that you should do to ensure that your child is fully prepared for this … [Read more...]

How to Travel With Extended Family Members

Vacations including extended family members are becoming popular for a couple reasons. First, many families are spread all over the U.S. so vacation destinations are a great way to get the entire crowd together. Second, even if your family all lives in close proximity it alleviates one family member from having to house the entire gang and play host or hostess. These extended family vacation ideas will make your trip fun and enjoyable. Make Sure … [Read more...]

Helping children understand and live with their allergies

Having a child with allergies, despite the severity of the condition, can be fairly difficult. Most children don’t initially understand why they get itchy or have other problems eating food when their classmates are perfectly fine. While it will take time for your child to fully understand his or her condition, there are many things that you can do to make life easier for your child. Have a Talk Your child needs to hear that certain foods are … [Read more...]

What You DON’T Need To Give Up For Lent – Guest Post

This year, many people across the world will have given up for Lent, whether it was a bad habit, a junk food addiction or a lazy lifestyle. But, if you’re yet to have decided what you wanted to give up, then following my tip will be much alternative way to do lent for 2013 - keep in mind the reasons why you are giving up your particular vice and remember that there are plenty of things that you don’t need to give up for Lent! Fasting - Giving … [Read more...]

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him – (Guest Post)

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him Christmas is a good chance for us to show our love to our dear family and friends. Buying a woman a gift is not a difficult task because they often like something cute and pretty which is available in many stores. In contrast, buying a gift for a man can be a real challenge for all of us. What are you going to give him this Christmas? Let’s see some ideas that can help you to make him smile on this special … [Read more...]

Bringing The Family Into Town Guest Post

Bringing The Family Into Town Bringing the family into town for the holidays is one of the best parts of the season. There are parties, gatherings, delicious food, drinks and plenty of laughter. Throwing a party for the family requires some planning, but the happiness and enjoyment of your loved ones makes the hard work worth it. Here are some tips for throwing a successful and cheerful family gathering this year. Number of … [Read more...]

How working in a cloud at home can keep your family organized – Guest Post

How working in a cloud at home can keep your family organized Everyone’s heard of “the cloud.” But many average users assume the cloud is some highly sophisticated program designed solely for businesses. If you’re not using the cloud at home, you’re missing out on the major benefits it can offer for personal organization. Many homes today are connected to the Web via several devices. You probably have a desktop and at least one laptop—maybe … [Read more...]

Ways to Keep on Your Diet When a Busy Family Schedule Is Distracting – Guest Post

Ways to Keep on Your Diet When a Busy Family Schedule Is Distracting These days, it seems as if there are hundreds of diets that claim to be better than the rest. Some rely on liquids or massive body cleanses, while others promote eliminating a food group such as carbohydrates or proteins. However, some diets promote a moderate approach of making one or two healthy changes in diet teamed with regular exercise. Problems with dieting for busy … [Read more...]

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