How to Make Sure Your Family Gets The Nutrients They Need to Outlast Winter (Guest Post)

Winter often presents health challenges. The colder weather makes us feel as sluggish and slow as bears, but we can't hibernate; we need to just adjust our diets to fit low temperatures and raging snowstorms. Winter requires hearty meals and fortitude; you can get all that while making healthy meals for yourself and your family that are full of essential nutrients. Increase Your Carb Intake There's a reason people tend to get depressed in … [Read more...]

Best TV Shows Premiering this Fall (Guest Post)

The 2012 fall television season is underway and the critics have spoken. Gathering input from all over the web, with great information from and, this list provides a guide to the best TV shows premiering this fall. All of the networks have rolled out new dramas, and if you’ve missed the first few shows, get caught up with the on-demand feature from cable services like Comcast Xfinity, or by finding the episodes … [Read more...]

Physical Benefits of Equestrianism Guest Post

People get into horse riding for many different reasons. Some simply enjoy the outdoors; others are more interested in the animals themselves, while for some horse riding is simply in the blood. There are of course the physical benefits of riding to consider as well. No one who has ever ridden or indeed trained a horse to the level of dressage etc. without hours of back breaking labour and don’t let anyone convince you that riding is not hard … [Read more...]

Tips to organizing extracurricular activities with a large family

Tips to organizing extracurricular activities with a large family For most families, free time seems like a non-existent commodity. Every family member keeps their own agenda of work, school and extracurricular activities. With so much going on every week, it’s easy to feel disorganized. It’s also common to feel like life is a rat race that has everyone running from one commitment to the next without allowing for family time. That’s why … [Read more...]

Alternative to taking out a loan for Diapers – Guest Post

Alternative to taking out a loan for Diapers Babies need diapers, and they can cost a fortune if you consider how many you need from when the baby is born until he or she doesn’t need them anymore. Many people get a bank loan for diapers if they don’t have the available funds right now, but loans aren’t always the best thing. They require credit checks, and you often need to pay a substantial amount of money back in the process. If you don’t … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Find Affordable Health Care – Guest Post

7 ways to find affordable health care Health care, like many commodities nowadays, is becoming more costly than ever. Prescription medications, surgery, inpatient care—the prices of all of these things are skyrocketing. With such high prices, how do you manage to find health care that you can easily afford and still have enough money left over to pay for the other things that you need and want? This article will show you seven ways in which … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall Victim to These Auto Insurance Budget-Busters – Guest Post

Avoiding anything that breaks a budget is a good thing. While people search for ways to lower their grocery bill, save on gasoline consumption, and reduce their monthly debt obligation, they usually fail to look at their auto insurance policy as part of their strategies. There are actually a lot of things you can do to your auto insurance policy to reduce your premiums, and save some money. Here are some classic auto insurance budget-busters you … [Read more...]

Addicted to Your Phone? Get Your Life Back with These Five Steps – Guest Post

 A cell phone can be a valuable tool for enhancing our lives. It can be a lifeline in an emergency and it offers convenience in staying connected with family or friends. These mobile devices have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. But that doesn't mean your cell phone should take over your life. For a growing number of people, however, cell phones rule their lives. These people are obsessed with staying connected. They cannot eat, … [Read more...]

Life changes after getting married

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker - Our first few months after getting married have been a whirlwind. We bought a new house the week before our wedding, then flew out of the country for our honeymoon on our wedding night. We returned a week later and moved into our new home. The next week my husband and I both started new jobs. We had a lot to learn about being adults and I feel like we grew up in three months. There have been so … [Read more...]

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