5 Simple steps for preparing a true holiday feast

You know, when Hubby and I met I couldn't cook. I am not kidding. I tried making mashed potatoes and ended up with soup. I tried baking chicken, served it undercooked, put it back in the over only to serve dry chicken. The crazy thing is that my Mom was a foodie. Like a foodie from the 80's who used to watch cooking shows and hand write every recipe on recipe cards in her recipe box. Every night was something new and she really enjoyed it. … [Read more...]

Entertaining made simple with Jimmy Dean… Free Product Coupon Giveaway

I don't know about you, but between Christmas and New Years I feel like we are going to or hosting one party or another. The thing is that no-one wants to spend hours prepping and cooking, which is why I am always looking for quick and easy dips for entertaining. This year we are working with Jimmy Dean to whip up mouth-watering, hassle-free dishes that’ll allow for more time spent with family and friends and less time cooking in the … [Read more...]

Check out the creative gifts that I came up with thanks to the Walgreens holiday gift guide! #HappyAllTheWay

I have to say that Holiday Shopping is one of my most-favorite things to do. I love thinking about the person I am buying for and finding the perfect and most creative gifts for him or her. I love thinking outside the box and putting gift packages together based on a theme or idea. Of course I like to save time and money, as well, which is why I like to do my homework and really think things through before just showing up at a store. I often look … [Read more...]

Yes… I am one of those people who starts shopping for Christmas in September… are you???

Yes.... I am one of those people who shop for Christmas when school starts... ha, ha, ha... so every now and then I will share any deals I find. Now, I know this is a review site and that you come for the reviews and giveaways, but I know we all like to save for the holidays!!! … [Read more...]

Tips on how do all your holiday shopping at a fraction of the cost…

I have a big family, duh, right? Ha, ha, ha! But what is crazy is trying to get gifts for everyone, including extended family members. Over the years we have spent literally thousands of dollars on Christmas, but unfortunately, we can no longer afford to do so... Now we do things a bit differently so here are some of my Holiday Shopping Tips - Tips - Instead of purchasing all the adults in the family, try putting the names of all the adults … [Read more...]

Blogger Recommendations of What to See, Do, & Eat this Holiday Season

I have teamed up with some of my favorite Bloggers to offer you an amazing list of our RECOMMENDATIONS of what to See, Do, and Eat in our Home Towns! So, if you happen to be traveling this holiday season, be sure to check out these places!Must See, Do, & Eat in San Antonio, Texas!!Visit The Adventures of My Family of 8 by Clicking HERE!I am new to the area, well, moved here just over three yearsago, but since San Antonio is so large, I still … [Read more...]

10 Holiday Planning Tips

<div align="center" style="width:140px;border:1px solid #ccc;background:#fff ;color: #fff ;font-weight:bold;"><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#000 ;" href="http://mycountdown.org/Holiday/Christmas/">Christmas … [Read more...]

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